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Fibroid Treatment Options - Conventional And Natural
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There are a number of different fibroid treatment options which can be used to either alleviate symptoms or potentially cure the condition altogether.  Both natural and conventional treatment for fibroids can be used and there are limitations and issues with both forms.

Sadly, there is no simple "perfect" solution for fibroids and this is largely due to the very nature of the condition itself.  Fibroids are believed to form when a number of different factors come into effect together.  There is no single cause of fibroids and this is the reason why treatment can sometimes seem less than satisfactory.  To eliminate fibroids altogether, it is necessary to eliminate what caused them to grow in the first place and discovering just what this is in any one individual is virtually impossible.

This is one of the reasons why doctors will often recommend "watchful waiting" unless symptoms are intolerable or downright dangerous.

Conventional Forms of Treatment

Very often doctors will prescribe treatment to alleviate the symptoms which an individual woman finds the most troublesome. Sometimes the birth control pill is given which can help to reduce bleeding and at other times, a drug called Metaformin might be prescribed which is routinely given to diabetics to increase the effectiveness of insulin.  In fibroid patients, it is thought that insulin resistance is often a contributory factor and so this drug can reduce this. However, Metaformin comes with side effects including fatigue, stomach problems, lowered absorption of certain vitamins and liver and kidney problems.

Anti-inflammatories can be used and are a popular one of the conventional fibroid treatment options. They can reduce prostoglandin levels in the blood which, in turn, can contribute to cramping pains.

A hormone known as Gonadotrophin Reducing Hormone (GnRH)  is sometimes given prior to surgery. It can drastically reduce fibroid size but can only ever be given as a temporary measure as the side effects are dramatic. GnRH effectively puts women into a temporary menopause and brings all the unwelcome symptoms along, such as thinning bones, loss of skin elasticity, reduction in sex drive and hot flashes.  When treatment is stopped, the fibroids usually begin to grow back to the original size.

There are a number of different surgical fibroid treatment options including some embolization, myectomy and hysterectomy.  Embolization works by stopping the blood supply to individual fibroids by the injection of tiny particles into the supplying arteries.  This then causes fibroids to wither and die.  Myectomy is the removal of individual fibroids by a specialized surgeon and hysterectomy is the complete removal of the uterus.  With the exception of hysterectomy, fibroids can regrow within months of surgery.

Natural Forms of Treatment

There are various natural fibroid treatment options and a quick internet search will reveal many different ad-hoc treatments you could try, including a number of dubious-sounding old wives tales!   The most popular options include making dietary changes and using herbal remedies.  However, the most effective forms of natural treatment are those which use a combination of different therapies at the same time as using the correct "mix" can eliminate the root causes of fibroids, causing natural shrinkage as well as symptomatic relief.

Of course natural fibroid treatment options are not necessarily the easiest choice.  Compared to having surgery or taking drugs, there is a high "involvement factor" as you are effectively required to take control of your own treatment and monitor your own responses. However, it does offer the best chance of a permanent solution.

The types of strategies you might follow will include taking certain herbs and supplements and carrying out cleansing and detox protocols.  In addition, you will have to overhaul your diet and remove foods which are not helpful if you have fibroids and include fibroid-fighting foods.  Relaxation and stress management also play an important part but it is certainly not the option for those who are not prepared to put in time and effort.

If you would like to learn more about your fibroid treatment options, then please visit Shrink Fibroids.


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