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Hot Flash Remedies - 5 Foods That Help!
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You've probably heard that adding soy products to your diet will help lessen the dreaded hot flashes. That is true! However, you may not find that soy milk, tofu, tempeh etc. really appeals to you. In this article I'm going to discuss other foods that have also been proven to be hot flash remedies.

Black Beans

The ingredient found in soy that mimics estrogen is called phytoestrogen. Since a decrease in estrogen levels leads to hot flashes, any food containing this will provide relief. Well, this ingredient is also found in black beans! Everyone is familiar with black beans and rice. However, black beans can also be added to soups, chili and salad. In fact, black beans can be substituted in just about any "bean recipe" you enjoy.

Brown Rice

Just like black beans, brown rice also contains phytoestrogen. Brown rice can just about be served with anything. It can be a side dish to meat or fish and also used in stir fries. Think about cooking it with the black beans and you're getting double benefits! Brown rice can also found in the grocery store combined with wild rice and with different seasonings added.

Low Fat Yogurt

The calcium found in yogurt has been shown to aid in reducing hot flashes. Another benefit of calcium is that it can help to minimize the bone loss (osteoporosis) commonly found in women undergoing menopause. Yogurt can be found in so many flavors and forms (like frozen yogurt) that you're sure to find one that you like! Sugar free low fat yogurt is a great option if weight gain is a concern.


Pineapples are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, and has been shown to help reduce hot flashes. Antioxidants help protect the body's cells. That's important in order to fight against aging, tissue damage and some diseases. However, pineapples do contain a high level of natural "sugar". Again, if weight gain is an issue a good substitute would be grapefruits.

Miso Soup

I really couldn't write about foods to reduce hot flashes without mentioning some form of soy. Miso soup is flavored with soybeans and salt. You can find it often served at Japanese restaurants and available in grocery stores. It's also pretty easy to make at home. There's lots of recipes available on the internet (some with videos). If you've never tried it you'll be surprised. It's quite tasty!

So, if you're searching for hot flash remedies, try adding these foods to your diet. The good thing about them is that they're also healthy. And, a healthy diet can help you feel good and look good. Any woman undergoing menopause should be following a diet such as this. A healthy diet will not only combat hot flashes but also reverse menopause weight gain, which is a common complaint.

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