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Hot Flashes Associated With Menopause
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How do Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause Feel?

Going through hot flashes associated with menopause can be difficult and can turn into a stress you simply cannot handle. Every woman goes through menopause and for some it is worse than for others. It can last up to about 10 years or can be as short as just a few years.

This is the change your body goes through when it is no longer able to bear children. Your body will change in many ways and one of the major symptoms of menopause is hot flashes. This can also cause night sweats, which can lead to sleepless nights, depression, and many other issues with this type of change.

Menopause does not have to be as difficult as some women say it is and you can actually go through it without suffering from the major side effects. It is possible to get the hot flashes associated with menopause under control and make the changes your body is going through easier to deal with.

What do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

Hot flashes are normal during menopause and when you feel them coming on it will be a warming sensation throughout your entire body. This can literally take over your body and you will feel much warmer than normal. You may even experience some perspiration with the worst hot flashes and they can start at any time.

Some of the things that can trigger a hot flash include hot beverages, alcohol, and anything else that would warm your body normally. If you want to avoid hot flashes you should avoid the things that trigger them. Here is a list of the triggers for hot flashes.

- Spicy Foods - Spicy foods can make you feel flushed or start sweating even if you are not going through menopause. This is certainly one of the triggers of hot flashes.

- Caffeine - Caffeine will cause your body to speed up a bit, which will also cause you to become a bit hot. This can trigger the hot flashes associated with menopause.

- Alcohol - Alcohol has a warming effect and thins the blood. This is another hot flash trigger.

- Hot baths, showers, or a sauna - Anything involving sitting in hot water or in a hot environment can certainly trigger a hot flash.

- Smoking - Smoking can cause many health issues and is also a way to start a hot flash. It is recommended that you quit smoking and avoid any second hand smoke during menopause.

All of these things along with anything else including a warm temperature or a warming effect can trigger a hot flash. One way to help keep them under control is to avoid these types of things. There are also some other things you can do to help keep you comfortable and they are listed below.

How to Prevent Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause

It is possible to stop the hot flashes you will certainly experience during menopause. You want to start by keeping a journal of what you do every single day. This will help you to see what you were doing before a hot flash and what the cause may be. By knowing what triggers your hot flashes you can gain control over them before they actually start.

Some of the things you can do to help prevent hot flashes are to wear layers of clothing so you can peel a layer a way when necessary, keep a cold drink handy, turn on a fan whenever necessary, stay relaxed through deep breathing especially when feeling anxious, and stick to absorbent cotton clothes to help keep you cool.

Hot flashes really cannot be avoided completely, but you can keep them under control with some of the tips above. There are also some herbal remedies and diet changes you can make to help out with your overall experience with menopause. Controlling the hot flashes associated with menopause will help make the change a bit less controlling.

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