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How To Cure Fibroids Naturally
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If you are wondering if it is possible to learn how to cure fibroids naturally, then you will be pleased to learn that many women have managed to successfully shrink their fibroids and eliminate all associated symptoms without resorting to surgery.

Before you consider any treatments, you should have a proper diagnosis from your doctor as although rare, there are times when prompt surgery is the most appropriate course of action.  In general though, most doctors recommend not having surgery as this is rarely a long term solution, with fibroids often starting to regrow within a couple of months of surgery.  Indeed, research indicates that over 90% of women who have conventional treatment end up in a worse condition than before.  In most cases, fibroids will shrink around the time of the menopause, and this is another reason why doctors will avoid surgery and usually suggest that you keep an eye on your symptoms and report back if they worsen.

This "watchful waiting" type of approach is all very well if your fibroids are small or you are close to the menopause and can envisage an improvement. However, fibroids can affect women of all ages and the prospect of debilitating symptoms which can adversely affect your quality of life is not a prospect most women want to consider.

Providing your doctor has confirmed that your condition is not life-threatening, then natural treatments are an option to consider and if you would like to know how to cure fibroids naturally, then let's have a look at two very effective steps you can take.

Changing Your Diet

The foods which we eat can have an enormous influence on all aspects of our lives and the wrong types of food are a contributory factor in fibroid growth.  The following dietary principles will be helpful to cure fibroids naturally.

  • Keep your portion size moderate. Don't overload your plate
  • Avoid eating foods with additives and preservatives
  • Don't eat conventional dairy produce
  • Ensure that all your fresh food is organic
  • Avoid animal fats and red meats
  • Only eat small amounts of lean white meat and fish
  • Eat plenty of sprouting vegetables, such as alfalfa and beetroot sprouts
  • Dark green leafy vegetables should be eaten several times a week
  • Drink plenty of filtered water-a minimum of 2 liters daily


It is widely thought that the presence of toxins and estrogen mimicking substances within the liver are one of the primary causes of fibroids.  Most worthwhile plans which purport to teach you how to cure fibroids naturally should include information about detoxing.  Although the liver usually performs an excellent job of detoxification, there are certain substances which are stored in the liver and can be very difficult to eliminate.  It is thought that their presence can "fuel" fibroid growth.

One good method to detoxify is to follow a juice cleanse.  A three day program is usually about the right length and wherever possible, you should make your own juices.  Try to avoid mainly fruit-based juices and the sugar levels will be too high.  However, you can add a little fruit to taste.  Good vegetables to use include beetroot, cabbage and  celery and whilst undertaking a juice cleanse, you can eat small portions of lightly steamed vegetables.

If you would like to learn more about how to cure fibroids naturally using a range of complementary therapies, please visit my website, Natural Fibroid Treatment.

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