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How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally - A Personal Story
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Around 4 years ago, my very best and oldest schoolfriend Patricia and I began looking for information on how to shrink fibroids naturally.  This was the culmination of over a year of trying to discover what was actually wrong with her.  To give you the background, my friend had steadily started putting on weight on her abdomen and had started to have very heavy periods.  A number of other symptoms had started to become apparent, such as urinary incontinence, breathlessness and anemia.

Looking back now, it really does seem ridiculous that she didn't have an inkling as to what was wrong but the frustrating thing was that her doctor didn't either!

She visited her doctor for a medical which was related to her work.  When there, she mention her symptoms and he examined her and said that she was overweight.  Now whilst this was certainly true, he failed to realise that she actually had large fibroids growing in her uterus. This allayed her fears somewhat and she embarked on a regime of regular exercise, stomach crunches and a calorie controlled diet. A few months later,  Patricia confided in me that she was really worried and thought that she might have cancer.  Her abdomen had grown much larger and she felt generally unwell. Her monthly periods were so bad that she could barely leave the house.

To cut a long story short, a few weeks later we were in the office of a private gynecologist who, to Patricia's relief, diagnosed fibroids and told her that they were benign.  However, what wasn't so good was that she recommended a hysterectomy and set a date for the operation.  At this point, Patricia was afraid as she hated the thought of an operation and when the doctor explained the potential short term and long term risks, she asked if there were any alternatives and if she could be taught how to shrink fibroids naturally.  The doctor, although very nice, was non-commital and said vaguely that changing her diet could help but that her fibroids were so large that a hysterectomy was really the best option.

We did what many do and researched how to shrink fibroids naturally on the internet.  There was lots of different pieces of advice and most revolved around changing your diet and doing more exercise.  She took the decision to postpone the hysterectomy for 6 months to give herself chance to shrink her fibroids naturally but decided that her symptoms were so bad that she would have to go through with the operation if necessary.

What frightened her most was the prospect of losing what she perceived to be her femininity. She had the feeling that without a uterus, this somehow made her less of a woman.  In addition, she was also afraid that she would go into an early menopause and at 34, this was the last thing she needed.  Another real consideration was the fact that she wasn't sure whether or not she had completed her family and in the back of her mind was the thought that another little one might come along at some time.  The hysterectomy would obviously out an end to that thought!

So, to learn how to shrink fibroids naturally, Patricia decided to use a system.  Although there was lots of advice on the internet, putting the pieces together proved difficult and she was afraid that she would miss out on some vital aspect. 

The plan she used incorporated the following protocols to shrink fibroids naturally:-

  • The management of estrogen
  • Dietary changes
  • Liver detoxification
  • Embracing an exercise plan
  • Incorporating relaxation techniques
  • Taking dietary supplements
  • Alternative therapies

I guess you'd probably like to hear me say that within weeks, Patricia's fibroids were gone.  This wasn't the case unfortunately.  What did happen though was that within a couple of weeks, her abdomen felt less "tight" and her next period was noticeable lighter.  However, she found the protocols quite difficult to adhere to and had a few "false starts" but did manage to get back on track eventually.  After 6 months, she visited her gynecologist for a repeat scan and was amazed to find that some of her smaller fibroids had gone and that the largest one had shrunk from the size of a "small melon" to the size of an apple.

She says now that what made the difference was having someone to talk to through the process. The system she used which taught her how to shrink fibroids naturally offered one to one email support and she admits that she nearly burnt her computer out emailing on a daily basis!  She would ask all manner of questions, especially about her diet and there were one or two of the recommended supplements which she couldn't get hold of so she emailed to ask about alternatives, and these were duly recommended.

A year on and although not completely gone, Patricia's fibroids were small enough not to cause any symptoms and as she doesn't want the fibroids to return, she still follows many of the recommendations within the plan she used as she feels that her fibroids were linked to high estrogen levels caused partly by bodyweight and partly by diet (although this cannot be accurately determined).

The plan is not suitable for women who prefer to sit back and "be treated" by taking pills or having surgery.  This is for women who are prepared to make meaningful changes to their lives to shrink fibroids naturally.

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