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If You Have Fibroids: Consequences And Treatment
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Dear Readers,

In my previous article about Fibroids, I discussed how to find out whether or not you have fibroids and what the symptoms are. In this follow up article, I address two questions: What are the consequences of having Fibroids? And what is the treatment, if any, when having fibroids?

What are the consequences of having Fibroids?

There are a few consequences to having fibroids. Some of these consequences are seemingly innocuous and others are more drastic and severe.

For starters, fibroids can and do get bigger in size. You might have one or several (please, remember that the only way to know whether or not you have fibroids is by having an ultrasound). In addition, fibroids might be as small as a coin or as big as a tennis ball. Fibroids are not hernias, cancer, tumors or cysts.

Fibroids can also give you very painful and heavy periods. As discussed earlier, “common” cramps and bloating are considered annoying but not extra painful. How do you know if your period is "extra" painful? This is relative, of course, as all women are different and the tolerance for pain varies. But if nothing gets rid of your pain--like medication or other remedies-- and you get fevers, cold sweats, vomit, and your period is very heavy, this are consequences and indications of having fibroids.

One of the most severe consequences that fibroids bring is infertility. Yes, you read well, infertility. If the fibroid is anywhere blocking the ovaries or the fallopian tubes, this means the egg cannot go through towards the uterus thus cannot be fertilized.

Another severe and scary consequence of having fibroids is bleeding to death (okay my choice of words is a bit dramatic. A reality nonetheless). Fibroids present a risk during delivery. Because just as any mass of tissue, they require a supply of blood. Sometimes they can produce a non-stop hemorrhage during delivery. This is very dangerous and potential risk hence my choice of words.

What is the treatment for Fibroids?

There are a couple of options if you have fibroids. First, simply be a “host” to them. If the fibroid is not growing and is not influencing your periods or intervening with your fertility, just leave it alone. Actually, fibroids can get smaller on their own. According to some medical information out there, hormonal changes do seem to affect the size of fibroids (mine grew twice its size when I was pregnant. Later it decreased).

The other option is to have the fibroid (s) surgically removed. Obviously you need to discuss your options with your doctor.

Best Regards,


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