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Menopause And Marriage
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Menopause And Marriage

It is just my opinion, of course, so you can agree or not. But it seems to me a lot of marriages that end in divorce, happen when couples reach their mid-40's to mid-50's. I have thought long and hard about this, I think most divorces occur at this age, due to the fact that women and men, yes men too, are going through a hormonal change that effects every aspect of everyday life.

When you enter menopause, you won't see a BIG RED SIGN, that says "Menopause Starting Here, Beware To All Who Come In Close Contact", the signs will start in such small ways you won't even notice you or your loved one are acting different.

You may start by waking up in the mornings and you notice that your muscle are a little stiff and achy. But you don't think much of it, (I must have sleep wrong, I must need a new mattress, I slept to long) lots of reasons to explain away sore muscles.

You may notice ( and this one is my favorite, not) that you seem to be having trouble remembering things. Not I forgot to buy milk forgetting. I mean spouse ask can you find the tape for me and you go to a different room to get the tape and stop in the doorway and ask yourself "What did I come in here for?"

Personal Story:

I ran around the house for 10 minutes one morning, looking for my car keys, it was getting late, I was getting spastic, my spouse was getting spastic, I'm flinging stuff around in the bowl where I keep all my stuff in one handy spot, I can't find my KEYS. I throw my hands on my hips, ready to blow a fuse. Oh, wait, whats this, my KEYS, attached to the belt loop of my pants. Just another fun moment in menopause.

But the memory loss starts are small, too. How it can affect your marriage? You blame spouse for moving or rearranging the item or items lost.

A short fuse is the other Big Issue, that can come between couples. And this is important, if you want to keep your marriage.

You may notice your spouse is a little withdrawn, you automatically think, "I must of done something wrong" not the case. The easiest way to put this in my opinion, "Think of your spouse with bad case of PMS, only it doesn't just happen once a month, it happens every day. Not very pleasant to think about, there it is. And while women are most talked about having menopause, Men also go thru a form a menopause also called, Andropause. It happens to both men and women around the same age, the body stops producing as many hormones as it did when you you were younger.

We need as couples to realize, that first we are getting older(I know it sucks), and our bodies, they don't work as good as they once worked.

What works for myself and my husband, talking for one thing, I don't means heart to heart talks, although that is good, too. I mean once you come to recognize the signs of a bad day starting, Warn the rest of the family, so they can make themselves scarce. I don't know the prolonged effects of taking Midol, but I figured if it works for PMS, it should work for menopause and I think it helped me. And you can ask your Doctor about Hormone Therapy, I chose not to, because of other health issues. But if you can take Hormone Therapy, I suggest you try it.

My husband gives me a lot of space, on bad days and on good days, we spend time together.

Each couple will have to figure out what works for them.

Don't give up on a good marriage or partnership because of a few cranky years, it will get better if you work at it.

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