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Pain Relief During Labor
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Though I basically accept that labor is a painful experience we should guard the women who are in labor against the inevitable that labor should always be painful. An expectant woman may choose to experience pain but severity of the pain is acceptable by both her and the health provider conducting the delivery

Labor pain is severe; it is a general mix of various factors such as physiological, psychological and environmental, so the processes of alleviating the pain in mainly based on these factors. However, these factors may sometimes prove difficult to treat.

There are a number of scientifically proven methods that are used to relief this pain. We shall mainly focus on the non-pharmacological methods (natural methods)these are some of the methods that one can use if they want to experience a memorable labor.


Ensure the room is safe with proper lighting and the mother’s privacy Is highly withheld, possible stress eliminated or minimized.Ensure client is mobile and try to put them in comfortable positions. Since pain during pregnancy is more severe by lying down flat on the back, positions such as squatting decrease severity of the pain.

Maternal education

Providing maternal education leaves the mother calm and makes her expectations realistic. Phobia during labor may lead to cessation of contractions which may result to death of the unborn baby. Maternal education therefore improves control; to decrease severity of pain, and distress during the process

Use birth pools

use of warm water births or pools have been in the past used as forms of natural local anesthesia during delivery ,the expectant woman should not stay in the pool for too long, the method however,is not used within two hours of administration of opioid or if the expectant woman is drowsy. As this may lead to further complications.

Provision of maternal support

It is highly encouraged that the mother should receive psychological support which is extremely valuable and allows pharmacological interventions minimized

The continued mental support is done not necessarily by a qualified medical practitioner,can done by a caretaker or a close relative, this process is achieved by exhibiting a positive attitude from midwives or any other professionals involved in the labor process.


Pregnancy is the most important thing can happen to a woman who has always wanted to have a child; however, it can turn out the worst experience during labor and so by one going through labor with less pain,it provides a better experience. You don’t need to call your doctor during labor as some methods are self-executed.

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