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Symptoms Of Perimenopause - 5 To Watch For!
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Symptoms of Perimenopause - 5 to Watch For!

Are you concerned that you've been going through some "changes" lately, maybe don't feel like your usual self? Perimenopause (or pre menopause) can start as early as age 35 for some women. This is a time when hormones start rising and falling unpredictably. Usually, for any woman, during her monthly cycle, the same hormones naturally ebb and flow. But, during perimenopause hormones will rise and fall without "rhyme or reason". So, what are 5 symptoms of perimenopause to look for?

Irregular periods

If your usually regular, all of a sudden you might find that your usual period my be delayed or be early. You may find the flow may be heavier or lighter. It's not uncommon to miss your period altogether. Of course, a missed period may also mean pregnancy. A simple test will confirm that though. Your doctor can run some tests to confirm whether you are in pre menopause or not. Because of the ups and downs of hormone, the tests may have to be run more than once.

Mood Swings

You may experience anxiety, depression and irritability. Maybe you have difficulty concentrating and fatigue. Some women also experience a feeling of dread or doom! Some of these symptoms mimic PMS. However, PMS will usually subside when menstruation begins. Mood swings with perimenopause can happen anytime during the month.

Hot Flashes

You're hot then your cold. This lasts for about 5 minutes at a time. If your at home you're constantly adjusting the thermostat in order to feel comfortable. At night you wake up feeling "sweaty". These are the dreaded hot flashes. Some women at a certain stage of perimenopause even experience a combination of menstrual cramps and hot flashes at the same time!

Headaches and Sleep Disruption

Some women will notice an increase in headaches (some as bad a migraines) for no reason. Headaches and hot flashes will contribute to a disruption of a good nights sleep. However, losing sleep is a symptom of perimenopause in and of itself. Sleep problems put additional stress on your body, doesn't help with the mood swings and increases the level of cortisol in our bodies which can lead to the next symptom which is .....

Weight Gain

Have you found that you've put on a few pounds even though you haven't changed your diet or activity level? Besides the cortisol that I mentioned above, there's another good reason why. With hormones (both progesterone and estrogen) rising and falling, a decrease in estrogen will lead to weight gain. Why? Because any decrease in estrogen will signal the body to make more. And, fat cells actually help make estrogen. These particular fat cells tend to accumulate in our mid sections (belly fat).

These are the 5 most common symptoms of perimenopause. There may be other ones such as a decrease in libido (sex drive), dry skin and even forgetfulness. However, there is a way to combat these symptoms instead of just learning to live with them. The best way to reduce these symptoms, including the perimenopause weight gain, is through a combination of diet, exercise and stress reduction.

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