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Where Did My Libido Go?
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Where Did My Libido Go?

50 to 66% of women over 50 report a decrease in sexual desire. For some, the decrease in libido is directly related to changes in the pelvis. It can get very thin and dry, making intercourse quite uncomfortable. This will surely lead to a lack of desire. Fluctuating hormones can also lead to a loss of libido.

What are the pro-active steps you should take to increase your libido?


Exercise improves sexual desire on several levels. It goes without saying that exercise is great stress reducer. Lower stress levels leaves more room for sexual desire. However, aerobic exercise can also improve blood flow to the pelvic area, helping tone and nourish your pelvic tissue.


Many studies show that women who practice regular yoga report an increase is sexual desire as well as an improved sexual response. Yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama) revitalizes the body by increasing your amount of oxygen. This breathing cleanses the lower abdomen, clearing the way for a fresh intake of oxygen. Brahmari is a kind of yogic meditation focusing on extended exhalation. This makes it very beneficial for increasing oxygen and blood flow to the pelvic floor.


The more you engage in intercourse, the more you improve the health of your pelvic tissue and slow down atrophy. It is important to note, however, as a perimenopausal and menopausal woman, it is very important to have significant foreplay. It is very important for you to create as much natural lubrication as you can before intercourse. You don't want to tear your pelvic tissue. If you are having difficulty creating natural lubrication there are many good 'water-based' lubricants to help. Be careful of products that contain petroleum.


Motherwort is an herb that has been referenced in many text books for improving libido in menopausal women. Ginseng and black cohosh are also successful in improving libido. The herb with the most research as it relates to libido is damiana. It is very beneficial for men and women with low libidos. Damiana is as effective, without the side effects, as Viagra for increased libido in men.

During our menopausal years, our testosterone levels are highest in the morning hours. This might be the time to get out of the 'night time' rut and enjoy an early-morning fling.

A few tips for dealing with menopause symptoms:

  1. Eat a well balanced diet (preferably organic)
  2. Supplement with a high quality multi-vitamin
  3. Utilize a quality herbal remedy
  4. Practice slow, diaphragmatic breathing
  5. Exercise regularly (cardio & core work – Zumba/Pilates)
  6. Consider mediation or Yoga

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