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Special Agent My Life On The Front Lines As A Woman In The Fbi By Candice Delong
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The craziest thing is happening as I search for a book to review. My books are actually getting dusted!

The book, Special Agent My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI, by Candice Delong is authored also with Elisa Petrini. It has a dedication page listing agents losing their lives in duty. The book also has an index.

The author was a nurse in a psychiatric unit before joining the FBI. Candace Delong was one of the few women in the Agency and had to deal with the male machos who would rather oust the females out of the FBI. But she kept her best foot forward. She's one of those strong female personalities that could take what life throws at her.

In the Special Agent Book, Candice DeLong was raising her own child and that in itself is an achievement. She has dealt with the ugliest sides of the human nature which includes the Tylenol case and the Unabomber.

My book of Special Agent My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI is a hard cover and those years ago to the now, I wonder why I was so fascinated with my possession of it. I suppose because it was of a courageous woman who wouldn't let anything get in the way of her life as an agent or a mother. I didn't read it to speculate if this is what I wanted. I believe I was just awed that she could partake in the cruel life. I read through it so fast the first time, I had to read it a second time at my real own speed, which is slow, to gooble up and understand what is written.

I suppose because I am a mother, I was fascinated with the account with the Unabomber that a hard core woman shed her jacket, which was really her son's, and draped it over the criminal.

There is good and bad in all. It's a part of life and while some people will say her ego is showing, I would think it's quite o.k. because not everyone could do what Candace DeLong did in her life. I have to admire what her life entailed from what I read in Special Agent. I would have been the quitter. The author hung on and helped to make life tolerable by putting the bad ones away.

I can't let go of my copy and I hope if anyone reads Special Agent by Candice Delong, they will appreciate what she went through as a female in that early time and the good she did.

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