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How To Say Goodbye To Your Boss
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How To Say Goodbye To Your Boss

So you have finally decided to move on with your career. A better job offer, relocation, financial changes, family demands, tired of BS, whatever the circumstances are for leaving your current job, there are numerous and some very tempting ways on how to say goodbye to your boss. But before you storm that office, make sure you are ready and that you have planned your approach.

Don't Burn Bridges

Granted you feel free now and that you think you can just finally yell at your boss and give him or her a piece of your mind. You have probably been rehearsing your epic farewell speech throughout the length of your tenure. Allow me to be the voice of reason and say you can never go wrong with being and staying professional.

Our world have indeed become smaller with technology and people have more ways of being connected with others. Not only your boss, but the people in your company definitely would have connections. Acting a fool if your experiences were not that good with this job you are about to leave may not play out well for you if your next employer got wind of how you handled your resignation, as it will be taken against you as a mirror of your character. Don't forget that your next employer may contact your previous one just to know more about you, don't be the person they were happy to let go.

You also must realize that although you think you may not end up coming back, life happens and if you end up needing to, you probably know that your chances are close to none.

Writing Your Resignation Letter

Let me say it again, you can never go wrong with being and staying professional. No matter how awesome or hellish your tenure has been, don't let your emotions get the best of you with this one. Keep it formal, brief, and to the point. Make sure that you put in the exact date when you are about to leave. It is also very much advisable to have that date down the road and no less than two weeks from when you actually submit the letter. Also don't forget that this goes to your employment record and may be pulled up anytime and would also be a mirror of your character and professionalism. A professional letter doesn't need to sound happy, sad, or angry. Here's an example of one I just submitted.

-------SAMPLE LETTER-------

Your City, State, Zip Code

Your Contact Number

Your E-mail Address

Today's Date



Company Name

Company Address

(Dear optional) Ms. / Mr. Boss:

I am writing to announce my resignation from COMPANY NAME, effective two weeks from this date DATE.

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development I have been provided during the last LENGTH OF TENURE.

If I can assist in anyway during this transition, please let me know.


Your Signature

Your Name

-------END OF SAMPLE LETTER-------

Face Your Boss

Now that you've reassessed your approach and have your letter on hand, do remember that there's nothing more professional than a face to face encounter and a nice firm handshake. Technology is amazing and e-mails are so much more easy to use but actually setting an appointment with your boss to submit your resignation is far more beneficial in more ways. One is that you remain to be professional until the end. Another is that you can talk more to him or her about your resignation and you may answer personally any questions your boss might have about it.

So again, don't forget that you can never go wrong with being and staying professional. Don't burn bridges and don't forget to be brief and to the point with your resignation letter. Once you've handled that well, you can move on with whatever new career option you now have.

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