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Why Do I Hate My Job?
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Why Do I Hate My Job?

Is this a question you have asked yourself: once, twice, a million times? Even if we haven’t used our “outside voice” many of us have asked, “Why do I hate my job?” And the answer is…

…different for each of us. The answers range from:

• I’m here just until I get on my feet

• I have bills to pay, kids to feed

• I can’t do anything else

• There isn't anything else

Reasonable reasons, right? But truly, what do you do if you hate your job? Is this all there is and all there ever will be? I say, “NO!”

As difficult as it may be sometimes, we do have the ability to change what we are doing. I realize it is not something that may be done overnight, in fact, it may take a few years. But the journey is worth starting, isn't it? Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Have a positive attitude at work…now! After all, you control how you respond to your boss, to your co-workers, even to your customers. I've heard it said that people or things can only bring you down if you let them. So don’t!

Take control of “your-self” so these “external” things don’t bring you down or turn you into a negative person. Start practicing now to change your attitude and work ethics…you’re going to find that even taking little steps will begin a journey of change in the right direction…a positive direction. And others will see it, too!

This will then begin to affect what you are doing at work, how you are doing it, and how others view you. And guess what, that strengthens your believe in yourself that you can do other things, which include getting another job.

2. Build your skills at work…become the “expert”.

There are so many ways to do this:

  • Learn from more experienced employees...look for a mentor
  • Know relevant procedures or particulars about any equipment you might be using
  • Show your interest in learning, but be genuine, so you're not seen as a "brown-noser"
  • Practice...tweak...perfect

Sure, some of you may believe, or even have, mundane jobs that involve assembly lines, fast food, or even janitorial work. It may be that the skills needed are minimal and there’s really no way or even any need to improve them. However, there are so many other things:

  • whether it’s during breaks…be positive
  • seeking ways to be more efficient…ask questions, learn and do
  • …”whistle while you work”…help people smile...bring excitement to the workplace!
  • Stand out by standing up...don't be afraid of being noticed

A desire to improve your work skills means that you are searching for ways to improve, not only your attitude at work but how you do your work. Strengthen those skills that will allow you to improve your “marketability”. This is not a word I often use but, truly, you are improving yourself so you can improve your situation…some of us call that a promotion and some of us are even sought out by other companies because of that marketability.

And guess what, these skills, and experience, look good on a resume! Is that not a worthwhile goal? Other employers will notice when you are applying for a job with them.

3. Check out education opportunities…go back to school! Maybe not college or university but there are so many educational opportunities out there that you should take advantage of:

• Computer training – know the basics because in today’s workplace, it’s almost required

• Certificate programs – whether in health care, in an office, and even with languages

• Evening courses – in almost anything, whether at the local college or community center.

• Online learning – just about everything is available on the internet nowadays so do a search and see what you can find about what you want to learn.

These are all opportunities that we each can take advantage of and, if they’re not free, they are usually not very expensive or have financial assistance available. And again, improving yourself with courses will look great on a resume. Sometimes the fact that you are trying could be the reason why you land the next job you apply for.

Positive attitude + Improved skills + Education = JOB OPPORTUNITIES!

Truly, it will be up to you to make a change today even when you hate your job. Not many others will do it for you and the job satisfaction, indeed, personal satisfaction, will be immense.

Wouldn't it be nice to say: I Don’t Hate My Job!

I would encourage you to take the time to do an assessment of yourself, work related and even personal evaluations. This gives you some of the insight you will need, that we all need, to improve ourselves by understanding ourselves. Self-understanding and self-improvement are critical to changing how we think about ourselves and our jobs.

There are also many government or community programs that are dedicated to helping you improve your job. Whether this includes job searches, resume writing, how to have successful interviews, etc. These are tools you should take advantage of and use…that’s what they’re there for.

Each of us can continue to hate our job or we can take action and do something to change it! It’s too easy to get caught up in negativity and feeling sorry for ourselves. That will only happen if we let it…don’t let it! Do something today to change…to improve…to get another job…and be a happier person. The choice is yours!

And that’s the talk in JOB TALK today!


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Sometimes it isn't the job itself but the people you have to work with 8 hours a day. Hearing how they talk ........ never happy about what others do. Etc. etc. Good article.

  about 9 years ago

I hear ya. We can enjoy our jobs but not the people we work with...or the other way around. So what do we do? Thanks for your comment.

  about 9 years ago
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