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Feel Good Friday £rd February 2012
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Feel Good Friday £rd February 2012

Friday, the 3rd of February is Feel Good Friday, formally known as ‘Stress Down Day’. Promoted by the Samaritans as a fundraising event, you can donate £3 to their cause in exchange for wearing your living a less stressful life for the day, for example wearing your slippers at work for the day.

Do not pass this off as a frivolous event, as it is important to note the number of people –adults and children alike - currently suffering from stress, either at home, work or even school. If you find yourself shouting at family and friends for no real reason, you may be suffering from stress that you were not aware of.

A report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development has recently stated that

more than one in three employers said time off through stress had increased. Not surprising in today’s economic climate. But does having time off help, or just prolong the agony for when you return to work? If you do not resolve the problems that created the stress in the first place, they’ll just be waiting for you when you get back.

Whilst some might say that they thrive on a little stress and adrenaline, the body and mind were not designed to be exposed to too much stress for too long, and it therefore can become unhealthy. Symptoms include, sweating, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, inability to sleep. Being in a state of stress often leads to people trying to manage that stress in unhealthy ways – smoking, staying awake all night, alcohol and drugs – all of which might seem to help the problem in the short –term, but of course only compound them in the long-term.

The good news is that there ARE real ways to help with stress. Relaxation techniques are useful; one of the most helpful I’ve found is hypnotherapy because it calms the mind and body together. Plus, as well as tackling with the symptoms of stress, the hypnotherapy can go further to work out any underlying issues and resolve them too.

Mindfulness is becoming known as a technique that is simple yet effective. I say simple, yet if you are not used to practicing Mindfulness it will not seem that simple to start with. With practice from a trained counsellor however, it becomes easier over time.

Many companies are now finding that help with stress management and relaxation techniques are increasing productiveness and decreasing time off work by employees. They also help the general workplace atmosphere. I used these techniques in my own business, as well as with the families that came to us at the time (a workplace nursery), and I was astounded by the results. Solicitors, physiotherapists, doctors; all intelligent people who I thought would already know about the importance of the mind-body stress link, all benefited from the techniques of hypnotherapy and mindfulness (applied through NLP techniques at the time).

You may be the owner of a company wanting to reduce your stress and that of your employees, or you may have noticed a member of your family becoming angry and agitated and unable to sleep. Or you may yourself feel in need of help. Whoever you are, do not suffer in silence. Spend a day ‘Feeling Good’, and then get out and find someone who can help you do that in the long term. This is what I did when I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress after a car accident. I was so impressed that I then learned the techniques for myself in order to continue helping myself and others. Do yourself a favour and start now to give yourself some peace of mind on Feel Good Friday and beyond.

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