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Health And Safety Precautions For A Meeting
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Health And Safety Precautions for A Meeting

When organizing a meeting, a lot of planning goes into play. However, in spite of everything that is considered and done, there are a few things that can go wrong. Such is the case with health and safety. Here are some points worth remembering:

The Venue

When you are picking a venue for the meeting, check to see if it complies with the latest health and safety guidelines.

• Is it safe in case of fire?

• Is it safe in case of a natural disaster?

• Does it comply with the latest electrical safety regulations?

• Is there enough protective equipment for personal safety in case of an emergency?

• Are there enough first aid kits available?

The Personnel

Personal health and safety of the meeting attendees should also be kept in consideration.

• Do they need any special care or attention?

• Do they have any allergies or special food preferences?

• Will they need personal security escorts for the duration of their stay?

• Also have them fill out emergency contact information, just in case.

On the day

Before the meeting begins, do a quick check of the place to be certain that everything is in order.

• Is there proper air conditioning and ventilation?

• Is there any overcrowding?

• Is the drinking water freely accessible to all?

• Inform the attendees of the fire safety measures and emergency precautions in place and also mention the gathering point for a headcount in case of a disaster.

If the meeting is a big event and will potentially invite a large number of people, or if it is an overnight event that is held in a far off remote location without immediate access to hospital facilities, you might need to seek permission or special medical cover from authorities.

Make sure you have all the necessary insurances in place and also have a written plan of action for your self to follow in case of an emergency.

If this sounds a lot to you, you might want to book a professional meeting location that has most of these precautions already in place.

Have a safe meeting!

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