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Here Comes The Pain The Return Of The Next Big Thing
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Here Comes the Pain the Return Of the Next Big Thing

In the last few weeks, fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment have seen the return of one of the most brutal and violent wrestlers of all time. Indeed when John Cena called out the Rock after their once in a lifetime match at Wrestlemania 28, the answer he got shocked many people around the world. The Animal brutally assaulted Cena to renew a rivalry that started in 2003 when Lesnar used his finishing move, the F-5 to launch John Cena into a ring post.

That feud in 2003 did not last long though after Lesnar defeated the Cenation leader at the Backlash pay-per-view. Lesnar's last match in the World Wrestling Entertainment would be against Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. It would not be until 2012 on Raw Super-show that the wrestling world would see Brock Lesnar once more. When Brock Lesnar comes to mind, the greatest match of his career pops up, back in 2002, the young rookie, whose manager Paul Heyman declared him as 'The Next Big Thing', appeared on Monday Night Raw, attacking three wrestlers all at once.

In the same year that he made his introduction, Lesnar would go one step further, defeating Rob Van Dam in the finals of the last King of the Ring pay-per-view event. Following his victory, Lesnar earned a title oppertunity to face the World Wrestling Entertainment Undisputed Champion at the 2002 Summerslam pay-per-view event. Lesnar then began a feud with 'the people's champion', the Rock who at the time was the Undisputed Champion, leading up to their match at Summerslam 2002.

The match itself made history since it was the first time in a World Wrestling Entertainment championship match that the challenger totally dominated the champion. The Rock came out guns blazing before the match, but this was quickly over-turned by Lesnar whose strength and power was to much for the Rock. Lesnar totally over-powered the Rock focusing his attack on the rib-cage area of 'the Great One'. With Paul Heyman interfering on occasions during the match it became clear that the night would belong to Brock.

Brock finally put the Rock out of his misery, becoming the youngest World Wrestling Entertainment Champion in the history of sports entertainment. Fast forward to 2012 and 'the Next Big Thing' has returned to World Wrestling Entertainment, attacking and assaulting John Cena and being introduced as the new face of World Wrestling Entertainment, Brock has already re-established himself as a top player in the World Wrestling Entertainment Universe.

Brock Lesnar will face John Cena at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view in a few weeks time in an extreme rules match, where anything goes. Certainly this match will be very brutal, as Cena has a score to settle with Brock, after Brock busted his lip in a brawl during Raw Super-Show. As for Brock Lesnar, only time will tell whether the most violent wrestlers can once again climb the mountain to become a four time champion.

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