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The Storied Career Of The Heartbreak Kid
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The Storied Career Of the Heartbreak Kid

Today's article features one of the greatest ever World Wrestling Entertainment superstars of all time. The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, whose real name is actually Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, but who really associates the man with his real name. Shawn Michaels is probably the only the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame member that never competed on any other like top promotion like, World Championship Wrestling or Extreme Championship Wrestling or even Total Non-stop Action.

Mr Wrestlemania as he become know has always been a member of the World Wrestling Entertainment universe. Michaels made his first appearance in 1987 along with Marty Jannetty, but the Rockers only lasted two weeks before the World Wrestling Federation, as it was known back then, fired them. A year later the Rockers were re-signed by the World Wrestling Federation. In December 1991, Michaels split from Jannetty, and started his singles career, originally Michaels was a heel characterised as an ego-maniac walking around with a mirror to admire his own physique.

However as a singles competitor there was no doubt that Michaels would be successful, he won his first Intercontinental Championship in 1992, defeating the British Bulldog for the belt. In 1992, Michaels would also earn himself a title match against then World Wrestling Federation Champion, Bret Hart, in what was the start of the greatest rivalry that sport entertainment ever saw. Michaels lost the match, but his rivalry with Hart would continue for many years to come in the sports entertainment world.

As the years past Michaels would continue to gain success in both singles as well as tag-team competition. He would become a multiple time Tag Team champion with the likes of Diesel, Kevin Nash as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and John Cena. Without a doubt though Shawn Michael's best moment in his career came at Wrestlemania 12, where he defeated rival, Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation championship. A year and 6 months later, Michaels would be involved in the infamous Montreal Screw-job.

The match was promoted as the greatest re-match in sports entertainment, instead there was more disappointment because of the way Michaels won the title. In 1998, Michaels would step away from the squared circle for a few years until he returned in 2002 to feud with Triple H, who had established himself as the alpha male of World Wrestling Entertainment in Michaels' absence. The two would have epic battles including a Last-Man Standing match at Royal Rumble 2004 which ended in a draw since both wrestlers knocked each other out.

Shawn Michaels would continue to have various feuds through the rest of his career against the likes of Chris Jericho, John Cena, Kurt Angle. He was also the one that retired Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 24. A year later though at Wrestlemania 25, Michaels after losing to the Undertaker, would begin a quest for a rematch against the Taker at Wrestlemania 26, which he finally got after he cost the Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. At Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Michaels would wrestle his last match against the Undertaker, bowing out on the grandest stage of them all in the same fashion as his childhood hero Ric Flair.

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