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Why I Like Both Raw And Smackdown
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WWE Raw is shown on the USA network. Raw has many superstars such as John Cena, Randy orton, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Alex Riley and WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jerry "the KIng" Lawler. WWE Smackdown Has Stars such as Edge, Kane, the Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. Smackdown is now shown on the SyFy network. WWE Raw is the flagship program it has been on for over 15 years. John Cena is from West Newbury, Ma. (My neck of the woods by the way) Cena has been WWE and World Heavyweight champion nine times. He is also a former United States champion as well. Randy Orton is a former WWE champion and world Heavyweight Champion in the future i'll try to go more in depth. Daniel Bryan is the Current United States Champion. The Miz is the current WWE champion and Alex Riley is the Miz's apprentice. Smackdown is on Fridays on SyFy network and boasts superstars such as Edge the current World Heavyweight champion. He is from Toronto, Canada. Kane is the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The Big Show is the "Worlds Largest Athlete". Alberto Del Rio is the hottest rookie currently on Smackdown. Rey Mysterio is a former Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and a former Tag Team champion with several partners. Raw is more well known throughout the world and has a steady station that it has been on since its inception. Smackdown however has been looked at as the stepchild of Raw. It was started later and has been on three television stations. Raw superstars as well as Smackdown superstars travel the world competeing for the fans referred to as the WWE Universe. The superstars on Raw have had a difficult time obtaining the Bragging Rights Trophy. This trophy was started two years ago and in fact a whole Pay-per-View around this match called Bragging Rights. It is one of the rare times superstars from Raw compete against superstars from Smackdown. The trophy by the way has been won both times by the Smackdown Team. So which is the better brand? That is a question that can be answered simply like this what show do you prefer? I prefer both I cannot chose a favorite.

Kevin Fitzpatrick is a 38 Year old divorced father who happens to be a wrestling fanatic. He lives in Ma. and has two daughters. He is new to being an author at this site and would appreciate any suggestions.

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