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2012 End Of The World
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2012 End Of the World

The 2012 is a year like the late ones that we have had living on, yes it is, with crazy and unstable weather and unpredictable earth temperature changes.

Now, what we can take out from it? Lets take three point of view in consideration:

  1. The NASA, the Government and Political point of view
  2. The Mayan Prophecy
  3. The Bible point of view.

1. The NASA, Government and Political point of view: In this point of view we will find a rainbow of views, you can simply make a search over the google search engine and realize that the NASA have a lot of opinion about recently activities in deep out space, could be those three "things" that are getting close to the earth, or a big asteroid approaching to our planet. Adding to what we have told, the NASA and as we can watch over the youtube channel NASA official Mr. Charles F. Bolden had released a video which they informed to the people to get prepare for any eventuality. Yes, you need to be prepared for, and they don't mentioned like something really catastrophic or about to occur; be prepared for any state of emergency. Yes, emergency from what?, then after that statement they listed: for earthquakes, floods, heavy storms, probably tornadoes, and so far. Come on, tell the true!, they just don't want to create chaos, thats what they say but what about all those weird things that they have built around the world in order to confuse everyone?, space gossips, weather antennas and more frequently flights to their space emergency ship? Adding to that, they have their HD Hubble-eyes looking and studying really deep into space and they know with a huge anticipation what we need to know now, and is not for share as they say, thats not fair.

The Government by its side, they haven't talked frontally about the 2012 year and what risks it could bring, and I bet they won't, but you can expect anything really charged, just take a look at the technology, since 20 or may be 15 years ago. Could you even think to send a complete edited video over wireless mode from your smart phone, to the other side of our roundy world?, that, and the national geographic or discovery channel documentary that shows proudly the air force deployment, they show you how much they have reached and developed on combat airplanes; yes but that was technology developed 10 or may be 14 years ago, could be more than that, who knows?, all technology that the government have recently created and tested are top-secret, just like in the movies!, not even the president knows what are they building or what the "Intelligence" sector are discovering or have fresh news or knows about. So until here, you can have a clear view of what to expect from the Government: As much, a last-minute evacuation notice, of course when you have already visualize by yourselve the asteroid coming in to the earth space, if that the case; because they are specialist in one thing, be ahead of everyone around the world, which is not bad, but been their own people involved, well, they should be more considerate or communicative.

Now lets take a look to the Political Point of view: do they have a point of view about 2012? Politicians are taking care of their assets in a exclusive manner, they are pretty busy on business for to be worry about this themes of an end of the world possibility. They are more focus on the idea of build a World Order, one government, one currency (economy) and one leader; here is the real concern of the actual politicians on this economy and what can they do in order to land like the cat, with its four legs perfectly balanced over the ground on every scenario. Well thanks God that not all of them behave like this.

2. The Mayan Prophecy: This point of view is very interesting, since a lot of scientist are dedicated to only make profit with the Mayans culture and legends, some other that really have digged into the details have discovered that the Mayans haven't predicted the end of this world instead of that is an end of an ERA, and in this way is how we should take it. One era gets to an end, and another era just start, but they couldn't be able to build a bigger sized-calendar for the next era, isn't it so conplicated ot understand, is it?

3. The Bible point of view: Well readers, we have reach the cream-de-la-cream subject here, thinking about the others are important, you should take a look at this. For those who believe that our race was created not by monkeys evolution, instead of that by a "Great Designer" as some scientist wish to call it, inside this out-of-this-world book, call "The Bible", it reveals the humankind origins and the revelations of the creator of this tiny blue spot call earth. You can find an interesting quote on this book, specifically on Mathew 24:36, every person who is used to the Bible point it out every time that this 2021 theme comes out to the public, and this quote says: "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the Father".

So don't be intimidated by no one, so called NASA, News or whatever, but is time for stop and considerate what is been done wrong and fix it before it goes further...basically talking about humans relationships because try to fix the earth, it is a long shot.

...Could you imagine that the "Great Designer" is the only who knows when? as this quote says, and the most interesting part is that almost nobody are paying attention to him or to his words...or his book?

Then how can we know if the 2012 is the end-of-all year or not?

Some people will say:ask God, others could say: Read the Bible, I'll say, investigate everything and scrutinize everything don't limit the freedom of concience...

...But don't be like the people of the time of Noah, as the Bible says, that people haven't heard to the message told to them on that time and even with that they made jokes to Noah, and themselves couldn't imagined that they was lost not when the first drop of rain fell, instead of that they were lost in the moment that the ark's door was closed (and not by a Noah) as Bible says, and after that there were 7 days in a row without rain and the people still was laughing to Noah and his family inside the ark, and because of that, (as the Bible says) only 8 persons survived to the flood, the rest, was just that, a rest...

I think that this world is our ark, is dirty, full of animals of any kind, that is so true, but hear the message, the only one that exist, there is no other book that challenge to tell the origin and the end of this same path, out there is something that is also worry about us...that took the time to deliver a message a complete one to all of us, in order to us to make like...some decisions.

I hope that the 2013 bring you a good opportunity to succeed, or fix what you need to fix, or reach your goals, hoping that those goals involve as much people as you can, that way you can taste if is a good goal or may be not, but wait why wait until 2013, right?

Be the first in hear and/or read the message and be able to may be believe it!

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