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Be Careful With Your Emails
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Many people consider productivity to be very important. By being productive, they

can get their work out of the way, which will allow more time for family, fun, and sleep. You, of course, want to be productive, too. On a typical day, you probably eat breakfast so that you have something in your stomach and so that you can think clearly, sit down at your computer, and then log into your email account. There, you find several emails that you can delete and several that you need to respond to. In order to get your email session out of the way quickly so that you can move on to other activities, such as checking the headlines, checking to see what is trending on Twitter, and publishing articles that are inspired by the ideas you get from these headlines, it may be tempting to quickly compose an email and send it off, without really giving much thought or attention to what it says. Be careful, however. If you are hasty, problems can result.

First, if you are emailing a friend, and you leave out some important details in your email, the missing information can confuse your friend. The confusion can result in a misunderstanding, which can damage or end your friendship. Similarly, if you are responding to an email from your supervisor or a coworker, and you are not careful about what you say, you risk losing your job. You could also damage relationships at work, resulting in unnecessary tension that will make your job harder. In addition to the tone of your email, you also need to watch how much you get involved in.

People are often eager to get involved in many activities in order to build their resume, gain experience to help them in their current job, or to meet others. It is very easy to over-commit, however. If you hastily send off an email in which you agree to join a committee or a group, you may soon regret being hasty. Joining a group is more than belonging to something. It also means attending its meetings and participating in its functions. If you are a full-time student or you work full-time at your job, you may already have all that you can handle. In this case, it may be best to stick with your current activities and save other activities for another time when you are not so busy.

Email is an effective way to communicate if it is used sensibly. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to manage your time, avoid over-commitment, keep your job and your friends, and live a happy life.

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