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Digital Scrapbooking - As Easy As Click And Drag
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Digital Scrapbooking  -  as Easy As Click And Drag

I have been doing digital scrapbooks, calendars, and other printed media since 2009. I will never tire of the endless opportunity for creativity. If you look at the finished product, you cannot believe that you did it yourself. Everything you make is a treasure. Especially if it is a gift.

My Grandson could not figure out how I got his picture inside a tv and put it on a deck of cards. My nieces and nephews were thrilled with the cups I made them with their faces in a barn window or as a princess. It is probably the only time they will be excited to get dishes for Christmas.

If you have shied away from making a digital book or calendar because you are not very familiar with a computer, fear not, it is as easy as click and drag. Almost any self publishing company has templates you can use. Just click the picture you want, then drag it to the spot where you want it, and unclick. The picture will drop like magic into the spot allocated. If you want to write something, click in the area that is saved for text, click in the box, and type.

I am going to show an image of a canvas I made. This had only about 3 steps to do. I decided what background I wanted on it, clicked and dragged the photo I had taken to the background (which looks like leather), then I added a tag with the information of where I took the photo. The red lines show where the image will be folded. That way you know what the image will look like when it is done.

If you love to make canvases or posters of your vacations, this hobby is for you. You will have great memories of your vacation and decorate your home with more personal items. If you would like to jazz up your gifts this year, without leaving home, this may be the hobby for you. Start small with a deck of cards or a calendar for yourself. See if you like it. Then the sky is the limit. If you need help you can usually get someone on chat or email.

Give it a try. It is a great way to keep memories alive. It is a great gift. You will never be disappointed with the results. What more can you ask for in a hobby.

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