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Communication is the cornerstone of all human interactions. Think about it, grammar is used—correctly, and incorrectly—in almost everyone’s daily communication. How well, or poor, your grammar is will tell the world the basics of who you are, where you come from, and where you are probably headed in life. Like it or not, these assumptions will be made based in large part on your communications skills. Proper grammar is the art of structuring what you are saying in the most effective and efficient way feasible—whether written, or spoken. Proper grammar is proper communication. No matter your desires in life, it is hard to imagine how grammar cannot benefit you.

In writing, the difference between a great author and a bad author is the author's ability to convey their exact ideas, pictures, and emotions from their mind to the page. A great author, in essence, unites their own mind to the mind of the reader in great detail. If you have a bestselling book idea, the only thing that can possibly stop your success is your ability to communicate your mind to the written word effectively. Excellent grammar is excellent communication, and excellent communication will help you in all your interactions with other people.

Proper grammar is the ability to convey the thought in your mind to the receiver of your communication. If you use too many words to convey your thoughts, your point will be lost in the unnecessary. Using too few words will usually fail to complete your thoughts for the recipient of your communication. if you do not understand exact, and proper grammar, you will constantly fall short in your attempts to convey the thoughts you intend to communicate.

Proper grammar is one of the most consistent similarities of top income earners. Is that a fluke, or a coincidence? I think not! Imagine you had 5 final applicants for a position you were going to fill. All the applicatants have similar experience, but one had exceptional communication skills above the others. Who would you hire? Imagine you were interested in refinancing your home, and the mortgage broker that called you had poor grammar—how comfortable would you be when he asked for your social security number and date of birth? Now, imagine a woman who owns her own business, lives in a mansion, owns 5 cars, and is a self-made millionaire. Imagine what she would look like, dress like, be like, and speak/write like. Did you imagine her having poor command of English, or bad grammar? Of course not, and neither did I.

It does not matter if you want to write a book, earn initial respect, or just be more effective in communicating your thoughts. Unless you live in total isolation from other human beings, improving your grammar is paramount to self-improvement. In this current age of the internet, learning to use better grammar is made as easier than ever before. Online courses, books, eBooks, self-paced study course, and many other methods are at our fingertips. Make a commitment to improve your communications skills starting today, and enjoy more success in your life.

I joined the US Marine Corps at age 17, after dropping out of high school. I did not see any way that I could benefit by improving my English, puncuation, grammar, or communication. I was wrong, and very wrong at that. Since then, I have put consistent effort into self-education, and I have improved incredibly. I am not, in any way, qualified to become an editor of any publication, but I have improved massively in the above areas, and that has benefited my life in more ways than I have time to tell you about on this page. Please visit my blog for more helpful articles I have written:

Thank you for your interest, and write well!

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