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What Inspires You?
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I am new to arena of blogging and to write, you must first be inspired. So this idea has me thinking constantly, of what inspires me? Yes one may say money, family and material things but for me, it is a little different.

I feel mostly inspired once I have made a contribution to someone in some shape form or fashion. It is usually someone I do not know personally. I guess this is where my Customer Service professionalism kicks in because I am always the 'helper' to get things done or to find the solution. I guess I have been in Customer Service for so long until I always feel the need to help somenone when they are in need of something. I am a nurturer and a giver by instict so giving is always my first response to a situation.

This is one of the reasons I started blogging. So I started my blog nextphasemom. My idea was to start a network between myself and other women in the second phase of their life. You know when the children are grown and you are ready to pursue God knows what for God knows what reason.

That blog has inspired me to want to publish more articles that I think may be interesting to other moms that are past the child rearing stage or ar just looking for the next "thing" to do with thier lives.

The blogging has also inspired me to fee that I can do this to earn money online and supplement my impending retirement income and letting others know that it can be done.

So here I am on the cusp of learning a new skill, internet marketing. At first I was a little hesitant and intimated until I thought, "you know what, you can do anything that you put your mind to and realizing no one was born knowing how to do everything". Yes I have conversations with myself, quite often. I have to keep myself in check and give myself a little nudge to get moving.

So back to the question, what inspires me, in a nut shell it is helping others find solutions too problems. I try and think of ways to help others to achieve thier desired result. It is not so much as to solve someone else's problems but to offer a new perspective on a situation they may be dealing with. I always have friends and family members that come to me for a different spin on a current situation. No I can not take credit for solving the issue for them but I am able to bring a different perspective that may not have been considered.

If I can somehow turn this into a niche of some sort I would be 'over the moon' ecstatic.

Now that you know what inspires me, I am curious to know what inspires you?

When considering inspiration, don't judge it just allow it. Follow the trail to see where it leads and don't be afraid to act upon your inspiration. You may know in which direction at first. But just trust and know, you were inspired for a reason. The reason may not be very clear at first but if you follow it you will understand.

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Todd Lee  

You have inspired me.Thank you.

  about 9 years ago
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