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12 Frequently Asked Questions About Article Writing
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12 Frequently Asked Questions About Article Writing

There are many people who write articles on the internet, either for themselves or for other people. If you’re new to article writing it can be puzzling to understand whether there are any rules or conventions that you have to follow. Here are `12 frequently asked questions about article writing

1. Q: What qualifications do you need to be an article writer?

A: No qualifications are needed. If you want to be an article writer – start writing.

2. Q: What makes a good article?

A: One that people want to read.

3. Q. Do I have to have a website to submit articles to article directories?

A: Not at all. You can submit articles to article directories without owning your own website or blog.

4. Q: Do I have to have perfect grammar to write articles?

A: The purists would say yes, but the fact is that you don’t have use 'perfect' grammar. However, you do need a good level of grammar because if it's poor it will make your articles difficult to read and people won't bother.

5. Q: What’s the minimum length of an article?

A: If you’re submitting to an article directory, the minimum length of an article is generally 400 words. If you’re writing an article for your own website many experts say it should be a minimum of 300 words.

6. Q: What’s the maximum length of an article?

A: Most article directories don’t set a maximum length leaving you free to decide. However, be aware that many people don’t want long articles (1000 words or more). The best advice is to vary the length of your articles.

7. Q: Can I write controversial articles?

A: Yes you can write controversial articles but you need to read the publishing guidelines of any article directory that you want to submit to. Different directories set different criteria about what they will or will not allow.

8. Q: Does my writing have to be original?

A: If you’re writing articles, they should always be original and should not be plagiarized (copied) from other people.

9. Q: Do article templates help you to write better articles?

A: Using an article template won’t necessarily help you to write a ‘better’ article, but they are useful in providing you a framework for your writing.

10. Q: Is there a set style to writing articles?

A: No. If you’re going to be a successful article writer then you should develop your own style.

11. Q: Are there training courses for article writing.

A: There are a lot of article writing courses on the internet. Both free and paid.

12. Q: What’s the best way to improve my article writing?

A: Practice. Practice. Practice on a regular basis

These are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about article writing. I hope that you found them useful.

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Great article Bev, Regards Keith

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Thanks Keith

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great one. I am pinning these to my article writing board.

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Thanks - Hope you find them useful. I think I will probably do a follow up sometime soon!

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