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6 Vital Components Of Outranking Articles
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6 Vital Components Of Outranking Articles

Making money on the internet definitely is enhanced by having rich website content and articles online. Most often affiliate marketing newbies wonder how to get attention with their articles. Article writing doesn't have to be lengthy or filled with big words to get ranked as a good or great piece.

The most important items that make up a great article are laid out in the following points. I called them the vital components of every great article. Always do your best to have them at the back of your mind whenever you are thinking of writing that interesting and wonderful article that has gotten everybody talking about it.

I am briefly and quickly going to run through the vital components.

1. Relevant Topic

Write on a relevant topic within your niche. For the article to have any useful to you, it is important that it should be in your niche. Although you could write on anything you please, my opinion is to always pick on a relevant topic within your niche.

The major reason is that the more you talk on your niche, the more of an authority you become within the niche. Also, visitors that have interest in your niche get to view your articles more.

I always adhere to the saying 'why write on something else, when you can never exhaust topics within your niche'. So you could say the first vital component is Relevant Topic. It is important to always write targeting a particular group.

2. Search out the trend.

Usually every now and then, there is always something in the news from your area of interest. Always be informative about items that are trending within your niche.

Articles on trendy new items are really hot. Hints on where to get trendy news items abound everywhere. You could visit yahoo news, buzz and your niche online community for trending topics. You could also find out from what your friends are tweeting on.

3. Informative content

People read articles for two major purposes, to be informed and to be entertained. In affiliate marketing circle, reading articles on a particular topic s usually to get more knowledge on it. Few people read for entertainment, so they will naturally avoid articles that they are not getting new knowledge from.

A big sell for articles is for it to answer the question how to carry out a particular task or solve a problem. Always write on relevant topics, and it is best for the content to be on how to get thing done easier and better.

4. Content must follow logical sequence.

I like using the term 'flow' in describing this. Articles must flow maturely when being read in order for the reader to understand it and appreciate it.

The flow of an article is so important that it usually is recommend that all written articles structure must follow this sequence

Topic-Introduction-body content-summary-author’s signature. Also within the body, your write-up is expected to follow a nature sequence of defining the subject matter, and when you are providing solutions in affiliate marketing, the step by step approach is very vital for a clearer understanding of your article.

5. Articles must be Error-free

Always proof read your articles. One of the greatest set back to any potential great piece of writing is if it contains errors within. The errors could be grammatical in nature or spelling mistakes. These usually give the reader a poor esteem of the author.

A simple of tackling this is by always proof reading your articles before submission or publishing. If possible get someone else do the proof reading for you. To be an Authority in affiliate marketing, your articles ought to be seen as flawless to have a great impression on the reader.

6. Personalize your Articles.

Most people really don't consider this vital component of article writing. One of the greatest reasons individuals identify and agree with the content of an article is simple because the article is personalized. Once readers could relate with and feel the article, they tend to want to stick with the article to the very end. In my opinion it is very unhealthy writing in the third period, relate to your audience right from the pages of article. Writers easily build a followership when people could identify with your article contents.

Most great articles are actually simple, and with moderate length. It is the components that made them go viral or drew up a large number of followership. In summary, I do advise that you always write articles only to a particular target audience (that is your niche). It is also better for the content to be informative and not stale news, write in a logic sequence and always try to personalize the article to your audience. With all these components checked, your articles would definitely be outstanding.

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Teresa M  

Great article and great reminder!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Teresa. Hoping to read more of your articles!

  about 9 years ago
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