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Can You Get Paid To Write Articles?
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Many of us dream about working from home, and ditching the nine to five routine. More than ever it is becoming a very realistic goal. If you are looking to make the switch then one of the easiest options is to make an income online. There are many options available but the quickest is to get paid to write articles.

What does the job entail?

Getting paid to write articles means you will be providing content on a multitude of subjects and niches. You will be told what subject matter the article will cover, and also what keywords you should include. Most will be between 400 and 800 words in length, and you can expect to be paid anywhere from $4 to $30 for your efforts.

the amount you can command for your work depends on many things. These include, what site you work for, the quality of your writing, and your online reputation, to name a few. You can expect to work for the base amount when you are starting out. However as you build a reputation online as a reliable writer that provides quality results, you can expect to, and should, demand more.

Where to find jobs.

The internet needs content, every website needs it. A great many of them will outsource this work to writers like you. You can imagine there is no shortage of writing jobs available.There are lots of websites where you can find these jobs, just search for "freelance writing jobs." Searching online will show you quite a few options you can try. There are also many micro job sites springing up like, and many others. On these sites you post what you are willing to do for a fixed price, and people will hire you to complete the task.

What you should write.

Writing for the internet is mostly done for traffic, and you will be expected to write in a certain style. It will pay you to do your research before you start. Be sure to read articles written by others by visiting some of the top article sites. Familiarize yourself with the style of writing done by these article writers. If you want to get paid to write articles, your customers will expect you to have an understanding of what is required. You will need the ability to not only write in a natural style, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes, but to also include their keywords at a certain frequency.

Build your portfolio.

One thing you should consider is building a website to show off your wares. If you start a blog about your writing skills, you will be able to take orders directly from it. You can also write some articles and post them to the top article directories to get traffic or visitors to your site. This will also allow you to show a body of work that potential clients can look at before they hire you.

Don't undersell yourself.

If you are providing quality flawless unique articles that you can be proud of, then you will be able to charge accordingly. There are a lot of people out there that are looking for these writing jobs, and the way you can succeed is to build a base of repeat clients. Once your customers know they can rely on you to provide quality work they will be willing to pay for it.

You can get paid to write articles and it can build into a good source of income. You can find more information about working online here plus download my free report that shows ten other kinds of work online opportunities. Good luck with your online career.

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