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Fear Of Writing - Where Will That Get Me?
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I have a fear of writing. I am looking at this screen wondering what I will write next after this sentence. Should I go on about why I might have this fear? I really don't have a good solid answer. Is it fear of being vulnerable? Or am I deep down just scared of being judged by my style or opinion? Who knows, I won't wait around any longer to figure it out though, I have been procrastinating long enough. Now I have joined the 30 in 30 challenge and it will probably do me good to complete something for myself. I gave myself a 25 article goal though, because I know I may have writers block days.

I have the Weather Network on and it seems to be good background noise; simple music and mellow TV shopping commercials. I'll remember that lol.

Where will fear bring me? What could be my 'key to success' if I have all this fear? My boyfriend said something to me the other night that began my pondering of another angle to fear. We were driving home and there were small airplanes landing down the strip. I said to him how I admired their skill and how I was not made to be a pilot, I don't have the guts. His response was this, "I thought I was made to be a pilot and would love to fly but it would be the end of me, I would be fearless, and fearless people can make detrimental mistakes." Whoa. Okay. Then I thanked him for not being a pilot :)

Wow, only 245 word count. That is intimidating.

So could fear be my motivator if I strapped it in and put it to work? Will it enable me to think before I act, before I make a mistake that could be detrimental? (on a much smaller scale of course) I think it may, it got me this far right?

How will I strap fear in to work for me, and not let it control and block what I can express to readers? I don't know for sure, yet. I will have to learn as I go, overcoming my stumbles on each article and push myself on the tough stuff. That sounds good and motivational, I think that might be a good beginning. How did I start writing today? I told myself I had to, I made a commitment to myself. I guess I just decided to take action.

Well, here is to 24 more. I'll let you know how it goes and where fear will take me, and where I will take my fear.

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