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How To Draw Ideas For Article Writings
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How to Draw Ideas for Article Writings

Writing,writing, writing seems to have taken up all my time ever sense I became a writer on this site. Most of the time I can think of a new topic instantaneously, but other times I wake up and it's not as easy.

If your a new writer(or a seasoned veteran) here are a few tips and tricks that I use during those times where I can not find a topic to write about. We all want to write articles that influence and inspire our readers, just sometimes we need a little inspiration ourselves.

One of the best ways to get ideas for articles is simply to ask yourself what has been going on in my life during this last week. You could be helping your kids with their homework, helping a love one move, met a new friend, enjoyed the company of your co-workers or if you are like me, you are preparing to go back to school.

Whatever you are doing remember these are all valid topics, that you can write about. Truth be told we are all experts(whether we believe it or not) in some field of endeavor. You just need to tap into your endless potential of topics and pick one.

Another great way to get article ideas, is simply by asking other people what their favorite topics are or what they would like you to write about. When you ask someone about their favorite topics you allow them to get out their feelings and explain what is going on in their world(Hey we all need to vent sometimes). Now, when you ask them to pick a topic they like, you are inviting them to be as creative, silly or serious as they want to be. This allows for a greater variety in your own writings, which will then lead you to helping other readers!

The Final way you can get great article ideas is to actually...... look up information you have never seen or heard of before. When you do this you create a new type of article that you have never written before. This new article will attract a different audience which will make you as an author more versatile.

A lot of time we may get consumed with having the greatest rank or the most number of views, but sometimes getting those ten new readers is just as satisfying. Especially if your work touches them or moves them to progress in their lives.

We must remember that our daily life is an article in the making the truth is we have so much to write about, from billions of perspectives(actually approaching 7 billion to be exact).

We must learn to draw not only from personal experience, but also those of us around us, their experience is just as valid.

Finally, do not ever get comfortable in just one topic or a few topics, this leads to stagnation which leads to boredom. Having variety in your life gives it much more pleasure, also different perspectives in which you can look through things.

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