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How To Write A Book Review With Seo
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How to Write A Book Review With Seo

Many people believe that a book review is a retelling of the story that you read and for middle school age kids, that might work. For those of us who have meat in the game of the literary world, it requires a bit more effort.

The Basic Elements of a Book Review

Always include in your book review:

1. The title

2. The Author

3. The Publisher including address (include the website)

4. The ISBN number

5. Most recent copyright date

These five things should be listed at the top of the page where readers can find the information.

Review of Book Construction Elements

Then write 3-400 words (or more depending where you publish it) that tells the reader:

1. Your opinion of the plot. Did it thrill if a thriller? Did it provide enough mystery if a mystery. Did it take you months to read? Was the story believable? Did it touch your emotions.

2. Your opinion of the characters. Start with the protagonist. If there’s a strong villain, include your opinion of that character. Mention any fun characters that add to the plot. Did the characters seem real? Likeable? Believably villainous? Do you think they change by the end of the story

3. Your opinion of the theme. Was this book written for a fun read or did it speak to larger issues of human life? Have you read this sort of book ever before?

4. Anything else of significance

5. Use the author’s name and the title of the book several times in the review to optimize the search engine’s ability to locate the book review

If Writing a Book Review for a Famous Author

If you’ve read other books by the same author, make a comparison to other work if possible.

Writing a Book Review for the Top Selling Books for the Month

If you’re reviewing a top selling book, be sure to review it early, and mention its status.

If You Write a Book Review for a Book Club

Be sure to include the general assessment and quotes from the people in the book club, why the book was selected for review, what the book club did to get into the mood for reading the book i.e. choose a place or food for the snack that matches the theme of the book.

Should You Use Negative Feedback about a Book?

The primary reason for writing a book review should be to help a writer sell their work. Admittedly, if you read the book and it wasn't worth the money you paid, it can be helpful so readers save their money. Remember, its mostly the content you talk about in the book review i.e. theme, characters, setting, plot that will attract of drive away the reader more than anything else.

Be sure to conclude with an assessment of the book's affect on your emotions, thoughts and whether you learned something or if it was just another standard plot book.

Street Talk

Great outline!

  about 9 years ago

Always thinking of writing a book but not enough motivation and time. Great article though, I enjoy reading it.

  about 9 years ago
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