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How To Write For Websites - FAQ
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There are several key strategies that will come up when you do a search on how to write for websites. Writing for the web requires a style of writing that is different from printed advertising, books and magazines. There has been adequate research done which shows that writing for website pages should be at an 8th grade level and an informal style. It should use small words and short sentences. There are different types of websites, so there are different types of web content needed. The following are the most common types of questions for how to write for websites:

Q: How to write for websites that are blogs?

A: Well, this really depends on the type of blog. If it is a personal blog, then just write as you would normally speak. This type of writing helps you to form a personal relationship with your readers. If it is an affiliate blog, then you will want to have some sales copy woven into your web content. The purpose of this is to start getting your reader thinking about why they can’t live without your product. It helps to warm them up before they reach your sales page.

Q: How to write for websites to make money?

A: There are many sites on the internet where you can bid on writing jobs. This is a fairly easy way for good writers to make some money. The amount of money you can make really depends on the quality of your writing as well as which site you join. There are many website owners looking for good writers on these sites to hire.

Q: How to write for websites which rent advertising space?

A: Websites that rent or sell advertising space are content-rich websites. They use the content on their sites to rank highly in the search engines. These high rankings bring in organic search engine traffic. The traffic volumes are used to determine how much the advertising space is worth.

Q: How to write for websites to earn affiliate income?

A: Affiliate income is heavily dependent on two factors: traffic and good sales copy. The affiliate website should be based on good keyword research and be ranking high in the search engines. It would be targeting traffic that has a problem or need and is eager to find a solution. The solution, of course, is the affiliate product. That’s where the good sales copy comes in. When the visitor realizes that his problem can be solved by the product that is offered on the website, he will be eager to buy.

Q: How to write for websites to increase click through rates?

A: This question is on the mind of every marketer. It has been shown that click through rates are significantly increased when the content is presented in bite-sized chunks, such as bullet points for example. They are quicker for the reader to scan so he can get as much information in as short a time as possible.

As you can see there are a number of ways you can write for websites and there are a range of article writing training programs out there which can develop your article writing skills to give you the edge.

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