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Importance Of Content Feedback
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Wow, I am back after a long hiatus... all this time, I was busy updating my own blog with several news bits and tid-bits of creative writing. Well, honestly, I was being very, very lazy... I was entirely ignoring Street Articles for I thought that writing here meant limits to my views... well to have a personal blog, on one hand really sets one free as regards to subjects undertaken... having a personal blog and blogging, purely as a hobby, is even better... its a haven for freelance writers like me, who can take up any topic they want to discuss and write on them...

Then, why did I decide to come back??

Well, freedom, as they say comes with responsibility .. and responsibility can only come when you have a sense about your audience. Sometimes, having a personal blog does not satisfy that urge. Though Blogspot, where I own a blog, does give you statistical charts to map out people who are interested in your blog and who visit your blog daily or weekly, it does not do justice to your article, or at least does not do justice to your articles, the way you want it to be done. A writer's greatest reward comes when his/her article is read and commented upon, whether good or bad, criticism is as important as praise. Feedback is the food for the author's soul.

On platforms like Street Article, or similar other sites, there are a group of authors following you. They are fellow writers, authors and critics. After writing an article, you would at least be sure, that one of them will comment on your article and what's even better Street Article (I only know about this site) enumerates the number of views your article has received... so you know that people are seeing your article and reading it, some might even comment on it... it does not matter if the content of the feedback is positive or negative, but the feedback is essential. All of you, those whom I follow and those who follow me, will understand this. Feedback is the most important part of all our writing processes. It's not merely enough to target passive readers, but also to engage them in your work, and this engagement comes from the comments they post and the interest you take in their work.

The era when writing was a one way process is gone, now writing has evolved into a multi pronged process. New ideas are being exchanged and written about. One cannot be expected to keep writing mountains of posts and articles and no one to read them... or as the famous author Dostoyevskys said, "even if there is one soul left, hungry for my work, I would keep on writing".... that era is long gone. Nowadays authors need feedback. they need the constant criticism or praise that their work deserves.

If you have a blog and you are not getting the feedback that you are expecting, do try switching over. Keep your blog, but also start writing on other platforms like Street Articles, so that your views and ideas circulate, not only to your target audience bu also for your fellow writers and authors. I would strongly recommend to any aspiring writer to spread your work, to take advantage of the seemingly vast electronic communication devices and the plethora of internet sites, to reach a vast audience. it's extremely important to read other's work, as they read your's and to comment upon them. Always read up on your fellow writer's posts and articles, and also reply back, when they post a comment. I was being very lazy all these months, and I wasn't even bothering to read up on any work... that cost me dearly...You may never know who will come across your work.

Therefore, I decided, not to be lazy, and just keep my ideas and my views limited to just my blog audience but to spread it out far across every spectrum. I just really hope, I keep up the good work, and not fall prey to the occasional laziness.

All the very best to my fellow authors... words are our soul mates.. happy writing...

Street Talk

Vernon L  

I agree! I'm here to support others work, have fun and to write freely. This is a great article that I will be sharing. Thanks!

  about 8 years ago

Great article! The most over used phrase in our business, but in this case true. I love your honesty. :)

  about 9 years ago

Absolutely, thank you for for stopping by...

  about 9 years ago

"With great power comes great responsibility" -Uncle Ben Parker - Spiderman 1 Yes, OK not original-but a good saying.. and maybe not targeted to this article. e all get lazy.I'm being lazy right now 'm a big believer in getting the word out...People tend to know you better...either as a prolific writer or as an undeniable hack..I prefer the first but will embrace the latter...When writing becomes a job..that's when I'll all that being said, "Welcome back!" and if you do get lazy...anhh! You'll only be hurting yourself..

  about 9 years ago

Yes, I know, I just really hope I keep writing now... :)... thank you for stopping by... :)

  about 9 years ago
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