Love At The Tender Age Of 70
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Love at the Tender Age Of 70

After losing my wife of just short of 40 years from cancer, I found myself alone with only my dog Oscar to keep me company. However, I decided I did not want to spend the rest of my days alone. Then whilst talking to a Turkish lady friend one day, she told me about her cousin named Gulden, who lived in Istanbul. She suggested that as we seemed to have similar interests, I should contact her.

Although I thought this could be interesting, I had no idea it would lead to a completely new life for me. Had anyone at the time told me this, I would have laughed and thought them mad.

After telling me Gulden spoke better English than she did, she sent me a photo of her When I first saw it, I said I thought Gulden looked a bit serious. However, I was put in my place when Gulden sent me an e-mail stating, “I am not a Gloomy Old Owl.” I could just imagine the heat rising from her pen as she wrote this to me.

Her cousin had evidently told Gulden what I had said about her photo. As it turned out, I soon found Gulden was a very nice lady, and like me had lost her partner.husband to cancer. The main attraction, however, was we were both seeking a genuine long term relationship. One in which to share the rest of our life with.

After exchanging several e-mail messages with Gulden, we found we had a similar outlook on life. We also liked many of the same things. During the course of the next month, we told each other many things about ourselves.

You might think there is nothing unusual about this type of situation. However, at the time, we were both in our later years in life. I was 71, with Gulden 69. Age, however, proved to be no barrier for our initial feelings of friendship.

Whilst talking on the phone one day, she told me she was going to Antalya. As I knew she liked antiques I mistakenly thought she was going there to visit an exhibition or something. I was extremely surprised and happy when a few days later, she said this was not the reason. She was coming down to see me on my forthcoming birthday. This was great news and caused me much excitement.

She came down with a lady cousin the day before my birthday, with them staying in a hotel in Antalya, about an hour's drive from my house.

On the morning I went to meet her, although I felt rather excited, I was also feeling a bit nervous. Although we had been talking for several months, this would be our first face to face meeting.

On walking into the hotel lobby, I found Gulden and her friend sitting on a sofa waiting to meet me. I recognised Gulden immediately. With her dark brown hair and large hazel coloured eyes, I thought she looked very attractive. Even prettier than in the later photos she had sent me. Not only that, she looked much younger than her years.

As we shook hands, I could tell that like me she was also a bit nervous. To break the ice, her cousin decided to take a photo of us together. As I reached over to put my arm around her shoulders, she looked up and gave me a lovely smile. The resulting photo showed us both looking quite impressed with each other.

After this, we decided to go for a walk and have a chat on our own. It was not until she stood up, I realised Gulden was rather shorter in height than I expected. However, as I liked her very much, this was not really a problem. It was not until some time later; she told me that for her, it was love at first sight. She said she liked tall, slim, fair-haired men, with my fitting the bill perfectly.

After finding a quiet spot in a café above the marina, we then had a long chat. As we talked, we discovered that we had the same outlook on life. Our likes and dislikes matched each other perfectly. For me, Gulden was like a dream come true, she was just the type of woman I had been hoping to meet.

After spending the day together, I thought Gulden was extremely nice. Just talking with her I felt happy and relaxed. Then, when our hands accidentally met, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. It was like a charge of electricity going through me. I could not believe how I suddenly felt all my cares and concerns disappear. I knew then we would become far more than just friends. It was an amazing feeling.

After later meeting up with her cousin and having dinner together, we ended the evening talking in a coffee bar. I had had such a wonderful evening, I felt a quite sad when it was time for me to say Goodnight. On returning to my home, due to having such a change in my life, my loneliness struck me more.

The next day, which was my birthday, I was up early and impatient to see Gulden. I now regarded her as someone really special in my life. On the drive over to Antalya, I felt quite excited and happy. Although we had only met the day before, I just knew this would be the start of a serious relationship between us.

On arriving at her hotel, I found both she and her cousin waiting impatiently. This was due to my unfortunately, arriving a bit later than planned. As we shook hands, I felt a warm glow of excitement tingle through my fingers. After a short chat, I then drove them over to see my house. Here on our arrival, I was pleased to see Oscar liked her. He, no doubt, realised she loved animals.

Shortly after, I was surprised when she handed me three packages. These she said, were presents for my birthday, Christmas and the New Year. This was totally unexpected. Just her coming down to see me, was the best present I could have had. I was then, even more surprised, when she said with a big smile,

“I have also bought you a birthday cake.” Wow! What could I say? No one had bought me a birthday cake for years. I was totally overwhelmed by her gesture. I knew then we both felt very happy about being together.

By the time we returned to Antalya, I felt on top of the moon. Thanks to Gulden, it was the best birthday I had had for a long time. After another wonderful day together, we spent the evening sitting holding hands while talking outside in her hotel garden. Although the night air was cold, the atmosphere warmed by an open wood fire felt so romantic, neither of us wanted the night to end. We talked for hours about many things, with our saying we had not felt so happy for far too long.

When we eventually said goodbye around 12.30pm, I really wanted to kiss her, however, as I regarded her as a lady, I thought it not appropriate to do so. However, had I but known, she felt the same as I, and was quite disappointed that I had not kissed her goodbye. As I walked back to my car, I felt quite sad. I had not wanted to leave her. The feelings we had for each other were unbelievably those of love. It was incredible that after such a short time of meeting each other, we both felt we had found true love.

It was like a miracle. As I drove home, I felt incredibly happy, although, at the same time, I felt quite sad. For in the morning, Gulden and her cousin were returning to Istanbul. That night I could not stop thinking about Gulden. For me, she was someone I wished I had met a few years ago.

As I fell asleep, I was left counting the days until we were reunited, when I went to visit her in Istanbul after Christmas. After Gulden’s return to Istanbul, we kept in touch via e-mails. We also talked on the phone each day. Every time we talked, we told each other how much we felt in love. It was an amazing and unbelievable situation. We were just like two teenagers after a first date waited impatiently for our next meeting.

After spending Christmas with friends, the day after Boxing Day, I woke up feeling rather strange and feeling quite ill. On calling my friends, he told me to get to the hospital ASAP. In view of this, I called a Turkish friend living nearby, who came and took me to hospital.

I had just been admitted and being helped into a hospital room when I blacked out and fell down. As a result, I was then taken by ambulance to a hospital in Antalya. Here, I underwent various tests to discover what was wrong with me.

On calling Gulden, she was horrified when I informed her what had happened. Then, during the next four days, I spent in hospital, I had three stents fitted in my heart. When I told Gulden this, she was shocked, and immediately said she would come down to look after me. This was wonderful news. I instantly felt much better. Although it was certainly not how I wanted us to meet up again, I felt very happy in knowing she was coming down.

Each day, Gulden and I kept in touch via phone and text calls. A few days after my tests revealed no problems, I was allowed home. The next morning a friend met Gulden at the airport and brought her to my house. As soon as she came in and gave me a kiss, I felt great. During the next week she stayed looking after me, she was a pillar of strength to me. In the days spent together, our love blossomed. So much so we decided to get married. It was an incredible feeling knowing that in such a short space of time, we had decided to spend the rest of our life together.

We felt so incredibly happy cuddled up on the sofa watching TV, we did not want to be apart. It was with a feeling of deep sorrow when it was time for me to take her to the airport for her flight home.

On the way to the airport, we called in at the hospital in Antalya for me to have control. While inside and standing at a desk, I suddenly collapsed unconscious, striking my head on the edge of a door as I fell. With my head bleeding from a bad gash on my head, I was rushed into emergency. Gulden anxiously followed behind me in a state of shock.

When my doctor friend who owned the hospital came in to see me, I introduced Gulden as my fiancee, this being how I regarded her. Unfortunately, although she wanted to, she was unable to postpone her flight back to Istanbul. Several hours later with our both nigh on in tears, my friend drove her to the airport for her flight home.

Once Gulden was back home, we enjoyed talking on the phone every day for long periods of time. On answering my bedside phone, I would normally just say Hello. However, if it was Gulden on the phone, my heart would race with the excitement. Just hearing her voice made me sit up, and feel good. During one talk, I was surprised and delighted, when Gulden said once I was discharged from hospital and allowed to fly, I should fly up to Istanbul where she would look after me. This suggestion I thought was too good an offer to refuse. It meant we would be together every day.

I am sure both my daughter and friends thought I was mad to move from my house in the country to live in Istanbul. Even more so when I told them we intended to get married. On my arrival at Istanbul airport, Gulden and her eldest daughter were waiting to meet me. I felt so happy at seeing Gulden, I never thought of any embarrassment, I just embraced and kissed her. Once together in Istanbul, our love grew even stronger.

From the first time I stepped into her apartment, I felt at home. This was strange as it was completely different from my house in the country where I lived for many years. However, we both felt as though we had known each other for years. This we thought, was truly incredible. In view of our strong feeling of love for one another, we decided to get married ASAP.

We had planned to get married before Guldens birthday in March, with a honeymoon in Paris. Unfortunately, after booking our trip to Paris, due to bureaucracy we could not get married as planned.

After returning from our pre-honeymoon in Paris, we completed all the paperwork, then booked our wedding. We also arranged a cocktail party afterwards at the Hilton Hotel. This we were both looking forward too, with our counting down the days to when we would be married.

However, due to be given incorrect information from the marriage office, we ended up getting married a few days before the arranged date. Due to the late change of wedding date, this meant only a translator and one of Guldens daughters were able to be present at what was quite a simple ceremony. However, despite this, it was a very happy occasion for both of us.

Since our marriage, our love has grown even stronger. We feel a perfect match for each other. Not only that, unbelievably as it sounds, even though we are both in our 70s, we act like teenagers in every way.

When we watch TV in the evenings, we always curl up together on the sofa. We get great pleasure at being together, with our always snatching a quick kiss while out walking along.

So for anyone thinking they are too old to get married after losing a long-time partner, think again. Both our daughters and friends say since our marriage, we both look much younger. We are certainly much happier than we used to be. It’s a great feeling walking along hand in hand with someone you love. Whenever we stop to sit cuddled up on a bench seat in the high street, people usually stare at us with a smile on their face. Some even stop to say,

“You look so happy, you must be in love.” One woman thought we looked so happy, she asked to take a photo of us.

So instead of being lonely, try to find someone to make you feel happy and contented in your old age. If you really want it, be prepared for love to knock on your door at any time. You may think this is impossible, but I know from my own experience, it is possible.

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