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The Joy Of Writing Online
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The Joy Of Writing Online

Many of us have had a dream of being a published author but so few achieve this grand goal. But with the internet there is now the opportunity to start up your own website and experience the joy or writing online.

What do I mean?

400 Words

It’s recommended that anything you write on your website is about 400 words in length if you want to get noticed (and who isn't a bit narcissistic?). When you write a post or an article it doesn't really take a lot of time to reach this number (FYI, the word “number” was Word # 99…a quarter done).

This typically amounts to about a page to a page and a half, depending on your spacing.

• It’s a letter

• A short essay or story

• A grocery list…for large families

• It’s easier than you think

Don’t Agonize…Write

I see many aspiring authors or web article writers agonize over what they’re going to write or state that they can’t write.

Hogwash…can you speak?

Write like you’re having a conversation, record yourself if you want. The best writing is from the heart and mind (thoughts), that’s what gets your stuff read (“read” is Word # 198).

You’re not writing the next classic novel or a treatise on world history…too boring and others have ‘been there, done that”! You’re writing from you:

• Who you are

• What you believe

• What you treasure and value

• What you think

Getting the Point?

Are you beginning to see how easy and simple this truly is? Don’t agonize and draft outlines or proposals until you’re blue in the face. Sit down (when you’re done this article) and take pen and paper or your computer and just get writing! There’s no magic or secret formula for everyone (“everyone is Word # 297).

You Are the Secret

No one comes at the world like you do and no one can comment on it like you can. That’s what others want to read and think about…how you think and what you believe. Trust me, these things will come through in your writing.

Now At Word # 350

This article has written itself because I sat down on a Saturday morning thinking about how much I’m enjoying writing online. It hit me that I wanted to share my thoughts about this so I’m typing almost as fast as I’m thinking…plus I’m avoiding my Saturday chores (yeah me!)

And I've just gone over Word # 400

This isn't magic nor should it be difficult. Writing is something that you develop over time but…guess what?

…you have to write!

Thinking about it or reading great writers doesn't “a writer make”. You have to actually sit down and do it and you must write passionately. Don’t be a copycat or a plagiarizer…be you! Whether you’re providing information, writing a blog, or selling products…

…the “who you are” must be in the “what you write”

Now go enjoy your writing…and I made it to Word # 500.

Street Talk


You guys are sick LOL writing sucks!!!! KYMEE ;o)

  about 8 years ago

Fun ey? i love writing and can do it all day. I always knew I could, but never had the opportunity like I do on the net. I am sure it is the same with you Rick. Site looks nice, and your writing is awesome as usual. :)

  about 8 years ago

Thanks Shawn, appreciate the comments. I could write all day but I get these looks from my wife that tell me it's time to do something pay attention to her :)

  about 8 years ago

LOL< funny you should mention that :P (( Catch you a bit later Ma says the lawn needs mowing, lol )

  about 8 years ago
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