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There is no such thing as a perfect article. Every article is going to be subjective, and since everyone has a different voice, a different opinion, and different levels of intellectual ability, every article is going to be different in it’s own way.

When authoring content within Street Articles, you should have a few goals and follow a few practices to get the maximum results.

First, you should not write for the purpose of promotion. Instead, you need to write for the crowd you are targeting. Remember, there are users (readers) on the other side of every article. If your article is not one of the following, you are not going to be offering a quality user experience, thus leading to lack of Street Article success:

  1. Captivating
  2. Funny
  3. Opinionated
  4. Informative
  5. Timely
  6. Helpful

People will read and share your article if it meets any of those “emotional” hot points. That is your goal as an author within Street Articles; Interesting, sharable content. That is the ultimate success indicator.

We are not going to explain exactly what an article like this will “sound” like, as it will differ from person to person and topic to topic. What we will outline however, is how to submit an article that will meet our Publishing Guidelines and lead to success in your own respective content niche.

(1) Title Strategies

Your article title is your first point of engagement with a potential visitor. Whether this is within a search engine ranking or internally within Street Articles. Think of the last magazine you picked up. Was it because a headline or title captured you? Most likely. Take a look at newspaper ads. Take a look at the last articles you have read.

Your title should offer your reader a preview of what you are about to offer. An enticing and interesting article will lead to a much higher click-through rate (people reading your article) and greater success

Here are two examples:

OK: How long should I bake chicken

BETTER: How Long Should I Bake Chicken - Avoid Serving Raw or Overcooked Chicken

The latter (BETTER) one will get clicked 9 times out of 10.

(2) Keyword Strategies

Each article has a section where you can add “keywords” related to that article. I typically recommend adding 5 to 10 relevant keywords to your article. These do not carry a ton of weight, but can help with your rankings in Google.

Don’t add too many keywords to the keywords field as you will be just wasting your time. Add keywords that are core to your article, are contained with your articles, and definitely add your target keywords.

(3) Content Strategies

Many writers tend to focus on the keywords they are trying to get ranked. However, in the process they forget about one very important aspect. The readers.

There is no point in getting rankings and having people come to your article if you lose them in the first 5 seconds because you don’t have relevant content.

Your content should be helpful and offer one or more of the following:

  1. Captivating - Is it what they call in the authoring world, a “page turner”
  2. Funny - Are you getting some real, authentic LOL’s with your content
  3. Opinionated - Are you writing about your opinion on a particular topic
  4. Informative - Are you educating people on a topic, news item, or story
  5. Timely - Is it HOT off the press (this is typically news)
  6. Helpful - Are you solving someones problem

You should not write content for the sheer purpose of promoting something, that will be very transparent to the reader and will carry absolutely no value (plus we do not allow purely promotional articles at Street Articles).

Instead, focus on one or more of the points I have outlined. Satisfy the reader and you will garner excellent rankings, get a good following, and ultimately generate much more revenue from your writing.

(4) Linking Strategies

At we allow links within the actual article content. In a 400 word article, you are allowed 2 links in the last 25% of the article, or after the 300th word. The longer your article becomes, the more links that you are allowed.

For example:

800 words = 3 LINKS ALLOWED 1,200 words = 4 LINKS ALLOWED

You will be notified as you are typing the “allow links” within your article.

You will also notice that there is no “author bio”. That is because we want people to link naturally within their articles and reserve author information for your actual Author Biography, which is linked to at the end of each article. Please reserve any author related information for your Author Info which you can add within your Street Articles account under the "Manage Authors" tab.

And here is an example of my author biography:

My Author Profile

Link naturally within your content. At Street Articles we do not allow call-to-actions phrases, but For example, do not use phrases like:

click here join now go here visit my site for more information check this out buy now get this free find out more go to my site this site is great i recommend

These are not allowed within Street Articles because they lower the user experience, devalue the article greatly, and make the purpose of your article seem very promotional. Instead, you should link naturally within your “pure content” article on trigger phrases.

Here is an example of an article that follows this technique:

Article: Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

As you can see, the terms “global marketplace” and “affiliate marketing for dummies” are linked naturally within the article. These achieve a very high click-through rate without being spammy or promotional.

(5) Landing Page Strategies

Street Articles allows authors to link to a landing page, up to two links for a 400 word article and the longer the article, the more links that are allowed within your article.

The site you link to should be 100% relevant to your article. For example, if you were writing about “affiliate marketing for dummies” (as I did in my above example), linking to Wealthy Affiliate is a very targeted page.

If you had an article about “dog training” and tried to link to Wealthy Affiliate, however, this would not be appropriate, as there is no flow of relevance.

Please do not use affiliate links or redirects. These are not allowed at Street Articles as again, this is not a medium for hard sell promotions, it is a medium to gain a follow, help & inform people, and as an added bonus, get traffic to your website.

(6) Formatting Strategies

What makes an article readable.

Again, let’s go back to some of the most common types of writing we see on a day-to-day basis, blogs, magazines, and newspapers (online and offline). There are a few things they all have in common:

Short Paragraphs - Aim to keep your paragraphs under 50 words (MAX). Remember, this is not necessarily an essay you are writing, it is content unique to you. You do not have to write in the same way that a 12th grade English teacher taught you.

Limited Formatted - Do not over-format your articles. Putting BOLD, ITALICS, and UNDERLINED content everywhere (without a purpose) is simply going to make your content more difficult to read. I suggest that you use formatted text only when you have a real purpose or a real point to emphasize. DO NOT format entire blocks of text!

NOT ALL CAPS - OVERUSE OF CAPS IS VERY ANNOYING TO A USER AND HARD TO READ. You get the point. Write naturally...if you have every tried to read an entire document or email that was written completely in CAPS, you will know how difficult it is to read. Don’t do ain’t cool.

(7) Promotional Content

Although we do allow links within Street Articles, the focus and purpose of your article should not be to sell something. First and foremost, it should be to inform, help, and educate. If you can accomplish this, people will trust your content and be much more likely to click your links, offer feedback, share your article, and follow you as an author. That is your goal.

As a side effect of writing quality content, you will be able to earn money through your writing, your following, and leverage the traffic your article gets.

How to contact us if you feel like you have hit a wall with our Rejection team.

And here again are the Publisher Guidelines if you need any clarification or you want to be brought up to speed with our latest rules.

Publishing Guidelines

Take it easy!

Street Talk


I like this article very much, as it gives you a good inside knowledge of how to do things properly when writing your article here at Street Articles.

  about 7 years ago

Nice article above , i am oblige to give a tutorial on writing a captivating article just watch out

  about 9 years ago

why did i not read this before i sent in my first article? thanks for the tips.

  about 1 decade ago

Very helpful for beginners like me. Now I know to keep my paragraphs short (max 50 words)

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for the article, good information.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for the great article Kyle. Really gives me a sense of what I already was striving for. I look forward to getting my first couple of articles approved.

  about 1 decade ago

No problem Adam, glad the article help you out. Good luck with all of your submissions!

  about 1 decade ago

English is not my main language, how about grammar of the articles? Is in street articles demand perfect grammar in every article that I write?

  about 1 decade ago

Grammar is important and part of the approval process. There are many editors out there that can help you out with grammar and punctuation issues that you may want to seek out. And, there is only one way to get better at something and that is by doing it.

  about 1 decade ago

If I have an article listed here how long can I have it listed or will you just delete my content after a certain amount of time?

  about 1 decade ago

No, it will not be deleted. If you submit an article it will be on Street Articles forever...unless you for some reason decided to remove the content.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Kyle I am just starting to enforce advices from your Internet Wealth Guide to create my first artcle but there are a couple of things I am not sure about. Your suggestion is to find about 10 keywords related to the niche I am about to write the article: gotcha But later on, when summarizing the 3 main rules about writing articles, you describe them in this way: - have around 4-5 instances of your target keyword/topic within the article - have the KEYWORD within the title and initial paragraph So I deduce you are referring to a SINGLE keyword but: - it's not clear how I should choose THE keyword to use among the 10 I had found before - what I am supposed to do with the remaining 9? Are they to be used in the same article or not? Thanks

  about 1 decade ago

You do not need 4-5 instances of the keyword within your article, in fact I recommend you have it within the article title, then the first pargaph...and then write the rest of the article naturally. And by keyword, I mean "keyword phrase". Ex. how to bake chicken

  about 1 decade ago

In reference to the wealth guide you are taking about, I believe that you are supposed to write nine more articles, one for each keyword phrase.

  about 1 decade ago

Great article. Liked the use of examples to illustrate your points.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Gaye, glad you liked it! :)

  about 1 decade ago
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