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Top Tips For Writing For The Web - Become A Beast Of Unique Content
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Top Tips for Writing for the Web  -  Become A Beast Of Unique Content

All along I had the power to get ranked in my own head, I wasted months roaming around the internet looking for a light. I set up turnkey site, with no traffic going to them, I almost gave up, until I came across SA, It change my life drastically. Here are some top tips for writing for the web.

Now all I want to do is write, write, write. It feel good to say what's on my mind. At first when I start writing for SA It took me 2 hours to crank out an article, I thought it needed perfection. The articles I written from the hip received more views then the one's I took hours to write.

I put one of my article that I written for the hip next to the one I bought from a freelance, there was no comparison, my content was more real, more easy to read. I look at the internet different now. I can't get enough of spitting out magic words tied to golden keywords. My goal is to get up to a thousand in a few months can you imagine the traffic I will get Everyday I get visitors to each of my articles, when I write a thousand articles that will be thousands of free targeted visitors a day.

The more I write, the more visitors I get, the more money I make. If you want to thrive in the internet marketing business, writing your own content about something you interested in or love, will help you prosper In a way you won't believe.

It's so easy to write about something you know. If you write about something you don't know, it will take a long time because you will need to do a lot of research and plus your content want come off as natural that cause the reader confusion. You don't want that, people only respond to natural article, that's how the brain respond.

When I read an non-unique content my brain shut down and start wander somewhere else more interesting. Google loves unique content, that's what make Google a giant in the internet world they love to reward content, why pay for content and make no money, when you could write your content for free and make money, it only make sense to use your thoughts to get paid that's the Google way.

I hope you seriously think about writing your own content. Join street articles they will make you an Author in no time.

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