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What Is Article Writing?
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The internet is all about content. Millions of people every day around the world go on the internet to read. Almost every question you could ever think of asking has an answer somewhere on the internet. What is article writing? Article writing is the process of writing a document that has stand-alone information that can be used by the reader right now. It is not given in the form of an interconnected series of documents.

What is Article Writing for Article Directories?

Article directories will publish articles you write and host them on their server. Each article is given its own URL, a subdomain of the article directory. Each directory has guidelines that you must follow in order for your article to get accepted. Many directories are strict about adherence to these guidelines, as it weeds out trash articles and keeps only high quality articles. Why would you want to do article writing for directories? For two main reasons: First, the directories often have high page rank which they pass on to your website through the backlink in your article. Second, they send traffic to your website.

What is Article Writing for Websites?

Article writing for websites usually refers to writing a web page. These are generally about the same length as an article at a directory. Often the guidelines are 350 words or more, sometimes capping out at 500 words. People don’t like to read hugely long articles on a website. They are there to quickly absorb information and like to get it in small portions. Article writing for websites is best done in small paragraphs, with some bulleted text that readers can skim through.

What is Article Writing for Blogs?

Blogs are a type of website that is updated frequently. A good blog always has fresh content on it. Article writing for blogs is different than directories or websites, because people who are following this fresh daily content only want a brief summary not a long dissertation. Blog writing often is about 350 words per entry. However, those 350 words must be very precise and compelling. A blog’s main objective is to attract a following, readers that will come back often for more.

What is Article Writing Doing to Improve Your Traffic?

Writing articles remains one of the best ways to improve traffic to your website. Although other strategies may come and go, article marketing has stayed fairly constant as a great tool for traffic. If article marketing is not improving the traffic coming to your website, it’s time to do some testing and find out the factors in your article writing that are currently not working. It could be that your writing is not engaging. Perhaps you need to step up the amount of article writing you are doing and get more articles out there. Article writing really has the potential to be a money-maker for the marketer who uses it to their advantage.

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