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Why Should We Learn To Write?
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Why Should We Learn To Write?

"Reading is primary. One can write only as well as one reads."

All authors should be good readers first. The strong 'sense of reading' that they have can make them good at assessing which an article is good and which one is less good. Including the boring one. They also get used to consider the selection of the right words for the right situations.

The expertise to choose these words will also train us to communicate better. Even, the selection of the right words give the largest contribution to the creation of good communication.

That is one reason why we need to learn to write. Besides, the most important reason is because the world is being transformed into digital era. What should be done with meetings, today simply done by sending emails. Therefore, the ability to write good emails becomes increasingly important. The use of email is also sharply increasing.

If the business relationship between companies or individuals is mostly done with 'email communication', then writing a good email becomes crucial. So, we have to be able to write effectively, just like when we speak effectively.

In addition, learning to write is also important to train ourselves to master the material, also in improving our ability to express ideas to further try to resolve the problems if we encounter problems in the material we are discussing.

The world is constantly changing.

All are evolving. The world is evolving. Writing skills or even the writing jobs will forever be needed to record the track of all changes, even to find solutions for each issue in an attempt to change for the better.

Moreover, all must continue to evolve if we do not want to be left behind. Basic human nature which is quickly bored with things is the main reason why things have to evolve, innovate, improvise. And if something is no longer possible to innovate, then we must combine it with something else that is possible to be innovated in the future. The most important thing is we must continue to look new if we do not want to drown.

The experts, in their respective fields, will pour their ideas, their suggestions through their writings, so we head towards a better life. More colourful life!

And if we are not one of those experts, we are not forbidden to participate in contributing our ideas as long as we have enough information on what we are talking about.

The best part is, if we are already accustomed to writing and enjoying the process, we can use writing as a medium for learning. Writing to learn. Sounds good, doesn't it? So, if we want to learn about something, write!

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