Become A Ghostwriter And Freelance While You
For to become a ghostwriter it could be said that you need to be a skilled writer. However, it doesn't necessarily…
The Benefits Of Using Unique Article Writing
When it comes to writing your own article, sometimes we don’t have the right kind of talent in order to do it ourselves,…
What to Do If You Want to Be A Writer
Have you ever thought about pursuing a new career or earning some extra money without leaving your home or kids? Maybe…
What to Know About Different Types Of Academic
Students face different kinds of writing tasks as a compulsory part of their academic course. They need to complete…
Cant Find the Words?
Writers block. At some point or another every writer has had moments of comlete emptiness, times where not a single…
5 Resume Writing Tips
1. Determine who would be reading your resume. If you know who is going to read the resume you are going to submit,…
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Become A Ghostwriter And Write For Money
One of the things that excites me about the concept of learning how to become a ghostwriter and write for money, is the fact that it is a long term sustainable business. One which requires minimal overheads. While following along with the ghostwriting cash report, it's taught that you can…
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Writing Mistakes to Avoid
This articles covers some writing mistakes to avoid. You may be writing an article to promote your website or that great novel, it makes no difference if you don't follow certain rules to avoid rejection or reader criticism or indifference. Here we discuss a few content, structure, and grammar errors.…
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Greeting Cards Of Love - Sending A Heart Felt Message
It is always a good day to send a greeting card. Whether you choose an electronic e greetings card or a paper message, you will have shown kindness to someone you care about. There are many ways to send greeting cards of love. There are free cards, e-cards, cards online,…
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2 Writing Myths That Are Hindering Your Progress
Writing sure isn't easy for a lot of people, and some of the big names we know think so too: "Writing is easy. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." Red Smith "All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath." F.…
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Street Talk Benefits - Attracting Feedback to Your Articles
Phrase of the day is... Street Talk. You have heard of comments before, but you may have never heard of “Street Talk”. Well, this is our version of comments at way of gathering feedback, capturing interest, creating ongoing dialogue, improving your articles, and ultimately, attracting much more attention to…
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Leveraging News for Traffic - Is A Topic News Worthy?
Do you take advantage of breaking news topics when building content for the web? If not, you need to read this article. We, as human beings, are hungry for news. In the information age we are in, people are going online more and more, through their home computers, through their…
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Become A Ghostwriter And Get Paid For Writing Articles
One thing that stands out quite a bit online is people trying to jump into internet marketing and struggle to see any results. A way around this is to start out where you get paid for writing articles for other successful internet marketers. You do this when you become a…
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Five Ways to Get Freelance Writing Jobs
If you are looking to earn an income online then one of the easiest, and one that is almost instant, is to get paid for writing. You can be paid for many different kinds of content, articles, blog posts, emails, sales letters, and even complete e-books or reports. How can…
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Poetry And Internet Marketing-finding A Connection
You know, this is my first real article at Street Articles, exciting, and though I have many many topics to talk/write about, I thought today, I will give my brain a little rest and write about two of my favourite passions, poetry and Internet marketing and try find a relevant connection. Like Internet…
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Is there Anyone Willing to Hire Expecting Mothers
Why is it so hard for an expecting mother thats only 2months to find employment these days is it bcuz companies are afraid of a law suit if something goes wrong why not just have them sign an agreement that lets us know that we r working at our own…
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Writing - Is it A Gift Or Learned?
I wish I knew how to write. As a kid, I used to dream of being a famous author who makes up a story so brilliant the whole world will want to read it. Images of hero's and heroines filled my childish mind. Pictures of faraway, exotic, and magical places flashed…
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“steps to Get A+ Grades In Assignment Writing”
There is such a lot of coursework writing to submit during studies, students spend time working out about what is required by the assignment, give themselves enough time to put down their work which don't allow to reach deadline. Students should define the tasks by looking for relevant ideas, theories…
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Effective Writing Techniques
Producing an academic work is a complicated task, especially if you do not possess remarkable writing skills. The situation becomes worse if you lack time or cannot collect useful facts for doing extensive research. Hence, do not be upset, because there is a perfect solution to your problem. If you…
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Sarnia: The Birth Of The Oil Industry In Lambton County
In January 1857, the village, Port of Sarnia, officially became the City of Sarnia, when the population reached 1,000 souls. In the first ever election a tavern owner, Thomas Forsyth, and one Malcolm Cameron, whom we have met before both claimed to have received the most votes. Forsyth claimed the…
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Living Ecology
My BFF is... My Living Ecology Ever since the horrific day of 9/11, Muslims in America were seen in a negative way. Peaceful Muslims were being unjustly stereotyped as violent people. Various living ecologies and discourse communities sprung post-9/11. One particular living ecology that emerged was a campaign known as…
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How Free Online Courses Plagued By Plagiarism
It seems today there is a wave of online universities, such as Udacity, Khan Academy and, of course, the most famous Coursera, providing numerous online courses taught by professors from Princeton, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan and many others. Most people agree that online courses are…
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I Wish I Could Be Paid to Tweet
I love to write, and I love Twitter. Given that I enjoy these two activities, it makes sense to me to combine them and get paid to tweet. If I could be paid to tweet, a number of changes would take place in my life. First, there would be less…
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Survey Of Miscellaneous Freelance Writing Categories
Awareness of the different types of disciplines that have freelance potential always benefits the writer. While today’s freelancer most likely will find the greatest opportunities in the web content, business, and technical writing fields, there are still freelance opportunities in more traditional forms of publication. In certain instances, a writer…
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Article Writing - What Am I Aiming For, If Not for You?
Article writing is like preparing a meal, is it written for ourselves or for a patron at the table of your restaurant? What are we aiming for, if not for the reader? If an articles written for ones own pleasure, then it's not an article but a diary entry, a…
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My Second Faith - Sweet Reality Of My Life
Don’t you have faith in yourself? This question might have been fired at you several times, may be seldom, but surely. Faith is a word attached to belief, obviously the true one, on oneself, on others, on anyone. Faith gives energy, a motive, to govern ourselves on an exceptionally impossible…
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How To Get Rid Of Pain From The Thesis Writing Process
For the majority of students who do come with the organic inclination of without a doubt composing down their ideas in writing, distributing an essay or publishing an analysis document is usually almost impossible. Although, it is not possible to pass through college or get hold of a post-graduate qualification…
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Tandem Top Read Pick Of 2011
I used to do book reviews for Catholic News Service. Their standard structure involved reviews of thematically matched books in each review article. Usually two or three. The books I want to discuss aren’t exactly thematically matched, but they do share the reasons that I . . . having given…
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5 Things You Must Never Do While Writing A Dissertation on Human Resource Management!
Dear mind, please stop running too much. I’m feeling stressful and gravely pressured from the task of writing an HR dissertation. I need some time to relax! Is it what going in your mind? I understand your concern, but your thesis writing task is a clear road towards a successful…
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Translation Agency Berkshire, The Best Translation Agencies Available
The global language is an English language and in this respect each and every company in the world does their official works in the English language. The fact is that there are also some circumstances when a company needs the translation services. The ever growing companies are looking toward to…
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Top 10 Tips for Writing An Outstanding Economics Dissertation
Writing a dissertation is not a complicated task. To make it completely hassle free here are top tips that you can use while writing your economics dissertation. Tip #1 Start Early. To complete your dissertation on time, it is important that you start writing your dissertation without wasting your time.…
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Open Access And Future Of Academic Research
The students involved in seeking for research degree has turned this activity largely technological driven. Just take a round of any university and you will see students indulged in computers to find related research articles or reading e-books to find references for their research work. People who see students doing…
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The Mind Of the Poet
Dreams lay awake in the subconscious mind awaiting to come on the stage of the living and be true. Never knowing who will they come true for, not realizing what desires they will give birth to. Chased by the light of the sun's insatiable moves during the day, the poet…
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The Least the Reader Deserves; The Writer is Not A Businessman
Writing ought to be born from love for the reader, rather than for love from the reader. Many of us do things to get rather than to give. For example, some might write for the potential fame it might bring, whilst others might write for the help it can give.…
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The Lazy Personality Guide to Learning English - 4 Simple Steps
English is an all-inclusive dialect and henceforth turns into a critical viewpoint in your everyday life. The topic of concern is, 'Are you sure with regards to English?' Whether you wish to learn English like a genius or simply have a goal of catching up on you’re communicated in English…
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Weather Alert: Severe Brainstorm May Cause Catastrophe
Writing can be a great way to earn your living, but there should be a disability insurance plan for writer's block. The physical and emotional impact of it can cause irreparable damage. Staring blankly at the monitor can cause blindness. Your fingers can go numb tapping uselessly at the keyboard.…
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1. Know what a cover letter is. In applying for a job, you need to know what a cover letter is so…
What is writing? Writing is a process in which the writer communicates to present message and ideas…
Writing can be a very fun when it's truly about something you're passionate about. Sometimes just…
Several Australian students are besieged with the numerous assignments given by their University…
The growth of self-publishing is rapidly revolutionizing the publishing industry. Many new and previously…
Part 1: The Freelance Website Boom The freelance website boom: Since the popularization of the Internet…

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