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A Little White Lie
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A Little White Lie

A very interesting thing happens to the human psyche when guilt sets in and the conscious mind seems to automatically want to make things right by what we know as a guilt trip. There you are trying to put a little white lie behind you and in the act of trying to hide one lie, you dig a virtual pit to dump the lies you need to tell to cover up the first.

By the time you get back around to what it was you lied about originally youre so lost and confused, the only way out is start the vicious circle again. The funny thing is many people lie without any clear reason for it. Many times there is no threat of any type repercussions form if they told the lie or not.

Why would a person just look you in your eye and completely falsify the truth when they have no personal gain? There may be an underlying stimulation of some sort associated with the mere act of the possibility of getting caught or or the thrill of seeing if he or she can get away with it.

The human fight or flight mechanism could kick in just enough to raise endorphin levels to a point of euphoria.

Yes, a simple way of putting it, some people lie because it feels good to them, and it has little to do with what the person being deceived. Why tell the truth, he or she may be thinking, when I can get a little high from creating my own mini fantasy in my head.

This may seem pretty pathetic to most, but the truth is the reasoning behind why most people tell whoppers would surprise you. Don't get me wrong, there are some flat out dishonest souls out there, that lie and cheat for personal gain, with no regard or respect for fellow human beings. These people normally have a one way ticket to prison or in most cases the grave.

But what about the little unconscious white lies like maybe you don't feel like going to a planned event and you may say I can't make it I’m not feeling good. Or the classic one, I can't make it to work today I’m coming down with something, right before you head off to the casino for the day.

Whatever it may be, I think we all have been guilty of telling a little white lie or two in our life. But the intent is really not the point, the point is you are deceiving the person on the other end of the equation. If you feel you can justify it by saying its just a harless fib, you can reverse that thinking and say its just a harmless misdirection, so why not just tell the truth.

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