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Become A Ghostwriter And Freelance While You Learn
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Become A Ghostwriter And Freelance While You Learn

For to become a ghostwriter it could be said that you need to be a skilled writer. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be a qualified professional writer.

The writing style of a ghostwriter is so much different online than it is in comparison to off-line publishing.

Ghostwriters online are mainly used by clients that will publish the material on the Internet. Not in the local newspapers or magazines.

That is a big difference when you want to learn how to become a ghostwriter.

Your writing only needs to be understandable to people visiting websites. You will probably have noticed a lot of material online that has some grammar and punctuation mistakes.

With online publishing those things are acceptable.

Although, when you become a ghostwriter you do want to take care with your content, in that respect. It will give you an edge over your competitors. You always want to deliver your best work for all your clients.

Regardless how big your workload is.

With regards to that, there is also going to be a lot of proofreading required. Some people have entire businesses built around the core of proofreading clients work. I suppose you could offer a proofreading service as part of your portfolio.

However, I would recommend that any ghostwriting work you do, is thoroughly proofed before handing the completed project over to your client.

The more high caliber content you provide, the better your impression will be, plus, you can and will get repeat business, in addition to further recommendations to other people in need of your ghostwriting services.

Another skill set that helps to become a ghostwriter is the ability to perform thorough research.

After researching the topics, which your clients want you to write about, you should then be able to "draw upon" that research and create and interesting article where the content flows for the reader.

The information should always be focused on keeping your readers orientated. Just as if you were posting that content to your own website with thousands of visitors.

That doesn't mean that you personalize it with real life experience that you may have had. Reason being that your client may not have. So it becomes false information that your client would be using.

You need to write with a broad scope, but on a narrow topic. There are times that you will have to draw the article out. Those times are where you can really impress people with your ghostwriting work.

This works by taking the order details your client gives and by doing the research thoroughly, there are going to be times where you will feel there would be a missing component to the piece that would make the article more appealing and in depth for readers, by supplying additional information.

However, in doing this you need to toe a fine line.

Most articles that marketers will have ghostwritten will be used for article marketing.

To use articles for marketing websites, you need to create informational articles that anyone reading will be able to obtain knowledge on a specific topic. From there, when they read through the article, they will be presented with an option to click over to the authors website. You don't want to give too much information away in the article. There needs to be something left for readers to feel they will find out more by going to the authors website.

Also note that as a ghostwriter, you don't get credit for the work you write for your clients. That's why they pay you for your ghostwriting services. You write the article and your clients claim that as their own.

They own full copyright to the material you produce for them. So you can't then resell that same article to your next client that asks for the same topic to be written about.

Every article you ghostwrite needs to be uniquely written.

When you become a ghostwriter, you don't have to be writing articles forever. There's a number of ways you can write for money. Articles are only touching on the subject.

Clients have needs for tons of writing styles. Some will want high quality articles to drive traffic to their website, your next client might want you to ghostwrite a novel in digital format and another client could want some ghostwritten sales copy done to improve their conversion rates. Not to mention the amount of internet marketers that require great content to add to their newsletter subscribers list.

So when you become a ghostwriter, there's oodles of ways to write for money. You can get paid for writing articles, but...

Why stop there?

The way to learn the most is to jump in, get your feet wet and offer a variety of services to your clients. It's how you avoid just one of the many hurdles facing your online marketing journey.


It's a boring chore to do the same thing everyday. Become a ghostwriter and start to earn from a variety of writing styles, while you learn the ropes of doing business online.

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