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The Love That Did Not Exist, But Became True Love/ Part One
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The Love That Did Not Exist, But Became True Love/ Part One

For those of us for whom lying awake dreaming about love and such is a daily task, it is entirely a trance to survive the truth. There is a story in my memory, that I can't explain how it got there in the first place.

As luck will have it, I am there in this my memory and dream story. But this story is not really about me, though i see now I am making it be mine. Recently i made an art box, you know, the kind that you put your hand into without knowing what will you experience with the idea that fear of the un-known will disappear or be put behind somehow.

Whoever invented this boxes was so clever, if I had children they will be part of our daily family life. Isn't Imagination such a gift, one that can make you insane or make one's dreams come true?

I was listening to this area from Handel, in this song the soul is asking for liberty, non from government but from that or whom who and what keeps one's soul chained. The singer of this song at the time saw himself in the words of it, as himself being a joint to a debilitating force, the force call love was the meaning of his life.

This all made me think of my dream, that dream in which I made up love. I gave my love many identities, gave him a wonderful and loving face, a face that could show beauty as well as loneliness and despair all at the same time. I gave him a child, since I wanted one always.

I gave him a loving accent, and a persona that call enigma as it's maker. He is and was in my dreams the person whom i belong to and that person who belongs to me. He is and was that person from whom I came out of, most as in the biblical times.

His little son was the perfect little person one could ever meet, his presence brough joy into my life and that of his father's, there was not one thing wrong with him. His words to me were the words of an angel sent by God to me as my husband. He told me he will never leave me and that I was his wife, woman, mother, father, sister, brother and his everything.

His son was mine, and his life all of it, he wanted to spend with me untill the end of it, and so I believe. There is no grater love than that given in realities blindness. And so I was, blinded by my imagination and I felt in love with all that and him.

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