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The Mind Forgets But The Heart Does Not
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The Mind Forgets But the Heart Does Not

Of all things that our minds keep buried inside, many are just a fixed memory. The mind knows how to reproduce painful experiences and make them easier to accept. The heart senses memories from past, and is capable of recognising the true source of them. As the blood flows through the heart so do memories.

A man had forgotten who he was, and what was he supposed do in life. He lived the life of someone who did not exist. This being he invented was just a made up person created so he can live his fantasies. A handsome man, in pain, who could not live his own life.

He recognized that his body was full and so were his eyes, love was the goal, but he did not know how to find it. He claimed lies to get the company of many girls, and women who were just as lost as he was. The group of lonely hearts gathered on the airways, one body one mind in search for a soul. This man was able to attract all kinds of women, he was beautiful and knew what to say to them.

Though, inside he found himself empty. Lying about himself did not sit well with him, it was not something he wanted to do. He hated being lied to, and often could not sleep well because of his untruthful behaviour. His wish was to meet someone who's unselfish deeds and loving touch will teach him to seek for his identity. He wanted to find who he was and he wanted to know what was he supposed to become, but he knew that only by finding love was he ever to make his wish come true.

The airways brought about a time in which the channels connected, and this one day he found someone. She seemed the kind of woman he can lie to, she was also in search of love. Somehow his relationship with her begun like he would ordinary start other relationships. As time went by, this woman was capable to enter his soul, bypassing his mind and any rational mechanism that would otherwise preventing this from happening.

While time and space separated them, he could sense her from where he was, he could see her in his mind while awake, he started to feel her in his blood. He begun to wonder what was happening to him, he never experienced such feelings. A change begun to happen in him, he knew he did not want to die in silence or be forgotten in death.

Then any other woman who had ever enter his life was no longer important, because he had the woman he was waiting for, and so he made an effort to leave his life of lies and make a life with her. He left his selfish life behind, and went to her side, promising to never leave her, to always love her, to always cherish her. She gave him all, materially and spiritually and she gave him what he never had, love.

But he was about to finally find what his true calling was, he was about to meet himself. As life begun to leave her behind, she knew she had little time before the cycle came to a close. She was happy, her unselfish being had found the love she craved, she did not know what she had done to this man, all she knew was how much she loved him. One day she found herself finally at the end of the circle of life.

She sat down and whispered in her man's ear; I realize I have loved you always, even before I met you. It is now my time to leave, but I will still love you were I go I will wait there for you, come to me when you are ready, and finish your existence with pride, as you have given me what I always wanted, to love someone truly, deeply with an unselfish heart. That is my love who you are, and it is what you needed to do in life, you became someone who helps others learn to fully love, what better gift than what you gave me. And with tears in his eyes he saw her through the end, and then he saw himself in a mirror, for the first time he was able to smile, because he knew there was someone who he loves and who loves him waiting for him. He now was part of life and life was part of him, and the lies became truth and he finally forgave himself.

He grew old, waiting for his time to come, happy as that moment approached because he knew he will meet his loved one again. He sensed her, he smell her he sees her, because while his mind was forgetting her, his heart kept her alive. And so he walked away from the living, he did not say goodbye, and while tired from his long life, he was happy finally felt complete. He left this life never looked back, he left in search of his soul mate. He had found her once, he will find her again. For love is not a controlled experience, but an act of faith.

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