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Thoughts On Writing A Book
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As a blogger, I love what I do. I love the freedom and flexibility that a blog gives me. I do not have to write on an assigned topic or submit an article by a deadline. Instead, I get to work at my own pace. Also, I do not have to worry that my editor will contact me to tell me that my article needs to be rewritten before it can be published. Instead, I get to make this decision. Readers might wonder whether I intend to take the next logical step and publish a book.

There are many aspects of publishing a book that appeal to me, such as the ability to write on a topic of my own choosing, the opportunity to work from home, where I can keep my own hours and where I do not have a supervisor watching my every move, the possibility of book signings and a tour, and thousands of fans across the country and around the world who will be eagerly awaiting my next book. However, in addition to the good things associated with writing and publishing a book, there is also the worry that my book might bomb. I would have put money and time into a project only to discover that the book was not selling. I know that many writers have these same hopes and worries, and they manage to write and publish despite their negative feelings. Perhaps one day I, too, will go ahead and write a book. I know right now that if I did write a book, it would be a fiction book. I do not yet know what my book would be about, but I certainly have many experiences to draw from for my work.

One idea would be a book about a first-generation college student who was still plugging away at her degree long after her friends had graduated. One day, she finally confronts her advisor, who then has to tell the truth about what is really going on. I also have other ideas, as well.

A second idea would be about a topic that writers know very well: writer’s block. I could write a book about unique ways that one writer handles this situation, and the disastrous results of his choices. One other idea comes to mind, as well.

I could write a book about a series of mission trip adventures, in which something happens to the main character on each trip. It is my hope that with a book like this, readers would be eager to keep reading to find out what happened and to learn what mischief the protagonist managed to get into.

Time, and money, will tell. I do not know if I will write a book, but I do intend to continue my blog. Readers can look forward to reading more articles, and I look forward to writing them.

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