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Qigong For Health And Vitality
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Qigong for Health and Vitality

Qi gong is a great alternative to yoga and tai chi. Its really good for your health and can help eliminate cancers. Through out history qi gong been the beginning point for many martial artist. Also anyone can benefit from qi gong it's very simple to do.

Why is qigong for health and vitality so good?

Mainly, because it focuses on your chi, life energy, the thing that keeps us going everyday. If we run out of chi or it becomes unbalance we will most likely die and that's no good for anybody. Qigong teaches us how to focus and restore our chi, so we are be in balance with our selves.

Would it be hard to learn qi gong?

Qi gong is easier then yoga and doesn't require a instructor to learn but you will benefit more if you had one. The techniques are easy to learn, as they only require a few movements of the arms and legs. They are slow and they look elegant. Unlike yoga, qi gong requires no strenuous moves that may cause injury.

You can start doing qi gong this very instant. I explain your first task and it's a easy one. First stand up straight with your feet spread apart and aligned with your shoulders. Now bend over as if you were to tie your shoes and keep your back arched like a rainbow. Now rise up like a tree thats in the sun, and keeping your arms straight reach for the sky. I do this every day as i wake up from bed and I get a little boost of vitality for the oncoming day.

Qi gong is amazing and learning how to master qi gong takes years but any beginner can benefit from its simple techniques. Learning from DVDs is very easy. You just pop in the DVD watch how the exercise is performed and then practice along. It's also a great exercise for children.

Qi gong is great for the elderly. As you age you become less active, becoming rusty and brittle, and you may become senile. Qi gong will bring you back into focus, and making your joints flexible and moving again. Staying active is the key ingredient for health.

If your still not convinced that qigong for health and vitality is the best thing for you, then you need to look around and see if you are truly happy with your life. Qi gong is a good starting point for anyone wanting to bring in more joy.

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