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Yoga Daily Discipline - The Chicken And The Egg
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Yoga Daily Discipline  -  The Chicken And The Egg

Do you need discipline to practice Yoga or does Yoga develop discipline? It’s a thing that many aspiring Yoga practitioners wonder at an early stage. Once you stop thinking of a daily Yoga discipline and think more of Yoga body affirmations then things naturally fall into place. Starting from the physical practicalities let’s take a look at how this works.

Yoga is like a form of dance. This particularly applies to Ashtanga Yoga where one posture moves flowingly into a new posture in a cycle. Thinking of it like this really increases enjoyment and turns it into a form of creative expression. The basic cycle develops strength and stamina using just the right amount of tension to build muscle strength without feeling like you’re really working out. Initially, it’s a mental challenge just to remember the sequence of moves!

The added benefit of learning a novel sequence of moves like this is that it totally engages your mind. For the beginner Yogi this is a real benefit. A lot of people take up Yoga wondering how it can calm them down and help them meditate. The all-consuming task of controlling your body will engage all your faculties and make it hard to be distracted by anything else. This is great preparation for meditation.

Initially you may decide to do a set of five repetitions of the basic sun salutations. This can be quite taxing at the outset. In Yoga, however, it’s never encouraged to push your body past its limits. So having mastered the basics you can add in extra elements, as you feel ready. First you may try breathing in the correct sequence, perhaps, and then increase agility and stamina with the second more advanced set of sun salutations. These are more taxing and involve moves that require you to reach up to the sky, improve your balance and really work the big muscles of your legs, back and shoulders.

Can you see how the progression from a basic Yoga sequence seamlessly develops into a more complex sequence as your body condition improves? Here’s the point: Your body dictates the rate at which you progress. Even if you only do three basic sun salutations to start with – absolutely nothing else – you’ll find that once you’ve mastered that, your body will feel stronger, your mind will be calmer and you’ll enjoy the feeling of power so much that your body and mind will be craving more.

With a relatively low commitment to practicing Yoga five or six days a week for ten minutes a day as a starting point, the immediate benefits felt after a very short time encourage you to carry on. The hardest step, as with most things, is just starting. But once you take that first step and revel in each posture from the sun salutation sequence, you’ll start to revel in the feeling that each posture held with power is a daily affirmation using Yoga. It’s a physical expression of the way your body and mind are developing. You’ll also start to tap into some of the most ageless and powerful spiritual energies in the Universe.

This is just a snapshot of the way a daily Yoga discipline encourages you to use Yoga as a form of bodily affirmation. If you start using sounds as well then you’ll be amazed at the results. Don’t concentrate too much on whether you have the discipline to practice Yoga daily. Start a daily practice and the discipline will take care of itself.

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