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Yoga For Hyperactivity In Children
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Yoga For Hyperactivity In Children

We can see many children who are hyperactive around us. How does this happen and what does hyperactivity mean? If we go to search for this hyperactivity, we come across a disorder called ADHD which is the Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This is found mainly in children before teen age.

It may be difficult to distinguish hyperactive children because of its varying nature. We may have to observe a child’s behaviour continuously to understand the reason for hyperactivity.

Hyperactive children are found to be highly restless and they may find it difficult to concentrate on something. Whatever they do whether it is playing with their favourite toys, watching television or movies in theatres, studies, they will be restless. They will not be able to stay seated for even few minutes. They tend to pickup fights with their own brothers and sisters, even their friends for no reason and get wild just like that.

It is common to see hyperactive children to be forgetting about something which they have learned few days back. They cannot keep waiting themselves when they want to say something. They don’t mind opening their mouth and expressing wherever they are and in whichever situation they are. They will try to interrupt others talking for just themselves to be heard.

Normally children are not afraid of things unless they are told so or have some previous bad experiences. But children with this hyperactive behaviour are not afraid of anything. They don’t mind playing with electricity, knives or playing with fire.

Basically hyperactive children seek more attention; they are more of demanding nature. Most of the time this puts parents and teachers in situations paying more attention to hyperactive children and taking extreme care of what they do and where they go. They tend to break things like toys, glass; throw and damage things like your spectacles and the remote controls of television etc.

Some children who behave normally will get hyperactive when they eat candy, chocolate, ice cream and even sugar. This will put them in hyperactive condition for hours together and you cannot predict what they will do once they go hyperactive. There is no way you can correct this by giving punishment. Their conscious mind is not doing all these mischief.

From three to four years, children may show the hyperactivity disorder and that is the stage when they have to be given extra care. It is advisable to consult a general physician or a child psychiatrist to assess the condition and suggest some possible treatment. Children suffering from epilepsy, hearing disorders and children with autism show symptoms of hyperactivity.

It may be the behaviour of parents, class teacher or even friends that make them hyperactive. It is not necessary that the problem lies entirely on the child. Treatment or counselling may be required for parents as well as teachers and friends with whom the child interacts regularly. This may be a hereditary problem as well. It is found that children who were exposed to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc when they were in the womb get this hyperactive disorder.

Hyperactive children may show symptoms of speech problems. They may not be able to communicate with others properly.

Once you have identified the reason for hyperactivity, maintain a healthy diet in consultation with a paediatrician. High calorie food items, sugar and certain food preservatives and additives should be avoided. It is good to provide a structured environment for such children whether at home or in the school. For this, you will have to talk to the teacher about the child’s condition and behaviour. As a parent, you can also get more familiar with other parents of hyperactive children to understand the possibilities and precautions.

Medicines generally tend to slow down the body metabolism and in the long run it is not advisable in the long run.

The best possible thing is to observe the child during hyperactivity and understand the behaviour as much as possible and try to divert his attention how much ever you can, into things which he likes. Hyperactivity is more found in boys compared to girls.

The three main characteristics shown by children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are Inattentiveness, Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness. So, if your child shows any of these signs, please observe in detail and take the necessary precaution at the early stages. Don’t wait for him/her to grow older and take it from there. In some cases, children who make problems in school are thought of having hyperactivity disorders. But it may not be so always. They may even show lack of attention and difficulties in learning. It may just be that they do not like the subjects or the method of teaching is not that interesting to the child.

There are some positive signs of children with hyperactivity and ADHD. They can be highly creative. They may get distracted easily but notice what others of the same age do not. They will have lot of energy compared to others and can be more fun to play with. They will work or play hard compared to others.

To encourage children with hyperactivity or ADHD, you may even consider giving some rewards for their good behaviour. Give them more attention, support and love. You might pay more attention to the siblings of such hyperactive children. This will create bad feelings in them and they will try to be more trouble makers. You as parents must remain calm and understanding when the child becomes hyperactive. Create some simple schedules for your child and make them follow it without any stress. You may take the child for some outdoor activities rather than constraining to the four walls of the house. Give way for the child to interact with children of the same age. Initially it will be difficult but gradually they will be alright.

In the schools, meet with the teachers who take care of your child’s studies and share every small bit of information you have about the child’s behaviour. This will help the teacher to take better care of your child as the teacher has to deal with many others having different personalities.

It is very early an age for a three to four year old to start practicing yoga. But there are some effective poses and meditation techniques in yoga, which can control the hyperactivity. The following Poses and Meditation techniques are useful.

1. Balasana which is Child’s Pose – This relaxes the whole body

2. Moola Bandha – Stimulates your nervous and energy systems at their origin

3. Deergha Pranayama – Calm mind and lower heartbeat

4. Ujjayi Pranayama – Relaxes mind as well as senses

There are other poses and Pranayama effective for hyperactivity depending upon the child’s age. A qualified Yoga Therapist can advise correct Poses and Breathing Techniques (Pranayama).

A word of caution: Practice yoga only under the supervision of an expert yoga practitioner.

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