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Finding The Forger By Libby Sternberg
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Finding the Forger by Libby Sternberg

Recently I read "Finding the Forger" by Libby Sternberg. Once I started reading it, I realized it was about a young teen. That seemed to put me way out somewhere since I'm not that young anymore and I thought that's what I get for doing quick shopping at Dollar General and just barely skimming at numerous books. I got the book because I liked the title, "Finding the Forger." A mystery. I like that, too. I didn't put the book down, thinking once I was a teen, had teen friends, my kids were once teens. I thought I can get through this book. I did and I don't regret it. This is a great book for teens and people of all ages. I would say never let the age group deter you away from books. After all, moms and dads read abc books to their little people.

This is an admiral book with assumptions. Regular teen stuff and plain old regulare people of any age stuff. "Finding the Forger" was written in 2004 and my copy is 194 pages long. I'm assuming a different size of the book would lessen or add on to the page number.

"Finding the Forger" had bad hair days, girlfriend problems, boyfriend problems and how to get the job you want in your life problems, which makes that problem seem to be harder cause you are dealing with your sister. It has that "oh no, does that guy really like me, but I have a boyfriend already and why is my boyfriend hanging around my girlfriend" problem. "Finding the Forger" is extremely well-written. The author, Libby Sternberg put her heart into that age and went along with the problems putting them into fantastic teen words.

Libby Sternberg, author of "Finding the Forger" is a writer of a wide range of books: historical fiction, romance comedy, teen mysteries(which is where "Finding the Forger" relates to) and women's fiction. If you go on her website, you will find that Libby Sternberg is an interesting person before she became an author. It is no wonder she can write a great book. And on her website, you will find other books in the other categories that she has written.

As I said, I was lucky enough to find this book by mistake at Dollar General, but "Finding the Forger" can also be found the the Amazon website. Go ahead, pick up your own book. You won't regret this charming read.

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